If you feel content, you’re satisfied and happy. The content of a book, movie, or song is what it’s about: the topic.


Why is content so special for digital marketing companies in Dubai ?

In-short, Content is information. It is an umbrella term that describes any kind of textual, graphic, video, or interactive element on a website. Content can be any piece of information on your website. It gives people a reason to visit you, getting to know what your product is, which finally leads them to become new customers. Infact, more transactions leads to more relationships and thus a better position in the market.

Digital marketing companies in Dubai

Types of digital content

Digital content can be anything – from a simple text to videos, from comments, product reviews, Social Media Posts,Newsletters to Client Testimonial, Online Magazines, Company News, Product Content and Guides, either visual or written. Here are few among them.


Infographics represent graphic visual representations of any data or information, or knowledge intended to present brisk and clear-cut information. By taking advantage of  graphics, it can improve cognition which enhances the human visual system’s ability to see new trends which will make it more captivating.

Images and Videos

Unlike other mediums, an image can communicate the message within a short time span. Video, as a dynamic content is engaging, users at times watch video rather than reading text and is vital to include videos in our content marketing strategy.


Memes are quintessential in social media marketing and are attention seeking. Consider the target audience and create something they’ll find amusing.

White Papers

White papers are written contents. Weighty contents may disappoint some readers. Delightedly, It also allows now to convert longer content into interactive experiences with animations, hover effects and more other effects.


Blogs with informal diary-style text entries focus more on user emotions.  Blogging is the most accessible type of content marketing and it can be promoted using many mediums.


You can read your favorite books anywhere, anytime by accessing an ebook.

Content Writing – What’s new?

Have you heard about the rule of 7? Well, It is one of the oldest yet not outdated concepts in marketing which says that a prospective buyer should hear or see the marketing message at least seven times before they buy it from you. If you are marketing well, then you are targeting the right people. Most digital marketing companies in Dubai think that content rules the digital world. Creating powerful marketing materials your target audience relates to is the best way to get their attention. The most indispensable factor is to align your content to your business needs. 

A content writer’s voice should be the voice of the brand for which they are working for. Every person who visits your site has a reason for it. A good content should feed every visitor with what they are longing for. This leads them to engage on your website and subsequently, become your valuable customer. ROI percentage in content marketing  is bound to the revenue is the percentage that shows how much revenue you gained from content marketing correlated to what you spent.

Always ask these questions before you start writing

  • What’s the purpose?
  • How does it impact your marketing strategy?
  • How can you gain the right attention and business growth with what you write?

Follow these steps to successful Content Creation

Content creation is the stepstone to a successful digital strategy. Whatever the content you create –  your Blogs, White Papers, Social Media Posts, the way you designed and crafted your content defines the reachability, and thus your business conversion.

Content provides free fruitful information to your audience. A far more productive way potential customers attract to your website is to have a highly targeted and relevant content. Also it helps in retaining existing customers. You need to

  • Identify the purpose of your content
  • Create what the customer needs
  • Promote your content through various social media platforms
  • Implement an SEO Strategy
  • Update regularly

Need for Content Planning

What do you think is the first thing to do when you want to build a new house? We cannot imagine building a house without a blueprint. Yes, it is possible to build a house without a blueprint but it’s like filming a movie without a storyboard to work from. If your content is not target oriented, you most likely won’t get an ROI. Without goals, your marketing activities lose focus and it becomes difficult to judge its success or failure.

Digital marketing companies in Dubai

There is a saying by Andrew Carnegie “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” Likewise, a goal oriented content is requisite. Goals include brand awareness, seo, visibility and conversion.

Here’s 2020’s Favorite Content Creator Tools

BeFunky Graphic Designer

Looking for a quicker way to create photo collages, BeFunky Graphic Designer is your best option. They produced themselves as ‘The Easiest Collage Maker on the Web’.


Pablo, one of the best content creation tools for social media developed by Buffer. Allows you to combine your images with text.  With Pablo, you can add your own logo, add filters and more.


Stencil, a simple and fast content creation tool for social media. You can chain your photos and videos along with your contents. 


SlideDog is an amazing tool which lets you create and play interactive presentations, live stream and media playlists with a 15 minute pro feature availability.


Scoop.it, one of the most popular content curation platforms allows you to upload your own curated links. It has a free version and a paid pro version. You can switch depending on what features you need.

Now it’s time to analyse your content

Remember the essay written by Bill Gates in January 1996 titled “Content is King” published on the Microsoft website? Content is the gravitational force that attracts customers to our website. Once your content is ready, make sure that you analyse your content because quality is what matters. In- depth content analysis includes

  • Qualitative Content Analysis
  • Quantitative Content Analysis

Highly automated tools now made in-depth analysis made easy. Content analysis helps upgrade your content to your marketing needs. Moz and Content Insight are getting popular in 2020 with their idiosyncratic techniques.

Content promotion and Content optimization – A result-oriented strategy

Content promotion distributes blog posts and other resources via different marketing channels. You have multiple options like pay-per-click advertising, choosing influencers, and using your social media platforms for your promotion.  Influencers are the new end marketers. They hold large audiences and have the loudhailer to reach the targeted audiences.They have their own brand value. All you need is to choose the right influencer and they will do the remaining.

Here’s some of the top content Influencers who rule marketing

@ALeeJudge A. Lee Judge,Global Digital Marketing Manager, Hexagon Geosystems

@MarketingProfs Ann Handley,Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

@heidicohen Heidi Cohen,Chief Content Officer, Actionable Marketing Guide

@PamDidner Pam Didner,Author, Effective Sales Enablement

@leeodden Lee Odden,CEO,TopRank Marketing

@crestodina Andy Crestodina,Principal, Strategic Director, Orbit Media

Content optimization is the process of converting your content into something great. It leads to conversion. This layer adds more readers to your content and this is where readers can turn out to be your loyal customers. 

What do you think is the biggest mistake with filling content? Never fill contents for SEO. Feed content for your users which inturn promotes SEO. Make sure you write what the user wants. At the end, all you need is conversion.

Two Essential Content optimization tools you need

  1. Copywritely – It measures the parameters such as uniqueness, grammar and readability. It is a writing tool that includes a measurement when you do keyword stuffing. Available as a standalone tool for $45, or  $17 starting monthly subscription for basic features and $79 for the pro features.Copywritely offers a free trial also.
  2. Ginger – Another hot choice integrates with Chrome and Safari to optimize browser-based email, instant messaging. It also allows Google Docs, and social media  — free of cost. You can upgrade to monthly Microsoft Office integration for $10.

Importance of content in landing page

A landing page is that page on your site which converts your visitors into leads.

Landing page helps increase your conversion rates. It also cut down your cost-per-acquisition. A product specific landing page must be your opening intent. It should have something for the users who visit them. It should be an answer for these 3 user questions.

  1. What do you have for me?
  2. How does it help me?
  3. What makes it stand out?

Digital marketing companies in Dubai

Blogging and SEO

Increased number of organic searches generates traffic to the blog. For an SEO friendly blog design, make sure that important information is always put above the fold as not many people are fond of scrolling down to read your content. Upgrade to the most effective SEO techniques here. You can even use a slider whose position is justified. Good keyword research is crucial as it will help you to point out what your target audience search in their search engines.  Always create hub pages for your valuable content. It delivers SEO value. Of Course you may need advertisements, but what if your page is stuffed with too many advertisements? Most people tend to skip reading pages stuffed with ads. Limited number of ads will work decently. Using Internal links helps you to market your previous blog posts amongst your readers. Lastly, speed matters. Check if something slows down your website. Page Speed, by google is a tool to check the speed of your site.

Need Assistance with your digital marketing needs in Dubai?

Great content boosts SEO ranking, generates ranking and convert leads. Finding the best digital marketing company of course needs some research. Want to stand out from the crowd? Azinova is your best choice. We, at Azinova, are Committed to providing innovative solutions for your business.

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