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Marketing is definitely an art. To be precise, it is more a creative art of creating a demand for your product and convincing your customers. It’s not about telling a good story, It’s about storytelling in a good way.  You need to be agile and as creative as possible to make things interesting to people and seek their attention. The future is all about adapting and implementing the best marketing tricks and following the latest trends if you want to stand out from the crowd. Day after day, new trends, new technologies and advanced tools are being introduced, and hence, update yourself to indulge the interests and requirements of your customers both online and offline. And yes, what I’m inferring is Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots. Obviously, they are not new in this business town but they now open the door for a more impressive, creative and far convincing way of digital marketing which is definitely going to brunt the modern world’s marketing know-hows. 

So let’s peek into 2020’s most treasured marketing trends

As Mike Volpe, CEO at Lola.com, puts it “Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing. Finding your best cup of tea without a doubt demands some trials and a good scoop of research. We live in a world where customer interests and demands aren’t so easy to predict. Everything around us is changing in a meteoric way, so move pell-mell for a better survival in this competitive and hard-nosed business world with the most treasured marketing trends of 2020. 

Artificial Intelligence is still the leading candidate

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning hits 2019 and the wave has reached 2020 with more dominance. Digital marketing companies in Dubai help you with the latest digital marketing strategies. New technologies are adopting the latest technology stacks in Artificial Intelligence as it is now becoming a new trend in business and definitely be the future. Natural Language processing is the syllogized reason why AI took over the chat bots. The chat bot Watson Assistant by IBM is one of the most progressive AI-powered chatbots we can see on the market. Also to prevent criminal activities, AI powered bots, Knightscope K5 robots are used by Microsoft. They can report any suspicious activity to predict and prevent crime. These rentable bots are far cheaper than hiring a human security guard. Make sense? 

Digital marketing companies in Dubai

And what’s AI’s connection with growing your business? The answer is AI helps  businesses to know what their customers search for, and how they find their relevant services. Here are a few reasons why Artificial Intelligence befit top marketing strategies of 2020.

  • Reasoning and analysing users search patterns
  • Understanding consumer behavior
  • Collects data from social medias
  • Gather blog posts and keywords 
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Speech Recognition

Chatbots to make lively conversations

A bot is simply a computer program that automates certain tasks such as conversations and language processing. Chat bots can help humans to handle complex queries. They can perform repetitive tasks without human intervention. Chat bots help to handle simple tasks with the help of Artificial Intelligence, with real time instant messaging and that is why they hold in their position for marketing trendsetters in the 2020. Bots can go well with messaging apps and hence they can be a breakthrough in the future of customer service and technical support – especially for the bpo industry. Conversation marketing gets an alleged place in business and chatbots can bring them to another level. 

Here are the list of 6 best AI chatbot platforms to increase your conversational marketing

Smartloop is a simple, automated, easy to use bot which builds its knowledge base on conversational AI and it features

  • Improve open rates
  • Nurture new users
  • Build Customer Empathy

They are specially designed to reply to the customer questions. They are designed by adding the benefits of AI to make customer support easy and effortless and featuring

  • Risk less handover
  • End to end resolution
  • No coding required
  • Templates to get started

Pandora bots are chat bots designed for marketing, voice interfaces, customer service, entertainment, B2C messaging and commerce. They are

  • Multilingual
  • Context aware
  • Open standards
  • Code and no code
  • Iterate rapidly
  • Cross channel
  • Voice enabled
  • Flexible and extensible

Boost.ai adopts an AI powered virtual agent that helps to boost customer experience, also reduce support cost and helps to grow business revenue with features made for enterprise and also

  • Understanding
  • Scalability
  • Compatibility

ItsAlive, specially built for facebook messenger which provides a platform to easily build chatbots and services which allows to drive conversations with in facebook messenger. They have chat bots for Brand awareness, acquisition, broadcasting and customer care. They are

  • The easiest builder to create a Facebook chatbot
  • Building tailor-made chatbots for businesses

Digital marketing companies in Dubai

This provides you the best bot platform for marketing and customer service. It is best for integrated Web Chat, SMS & Facebook Messenger. Mobile Monkey provides a feature called OmniChat which is a patent-pending chat marketing technology. Other features include

  • Multi platform chatbot builder
  • Unified chat inbox
  • Instant communication

Top digital marketing companies in Dubai to cater your marketing needs with the latest marketing trends

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