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Unveiling A Unique Value Proposition

Odoo is a complete package of business applications, including, to name a few, Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management, and Human Resources. Over a thousand modules are available with Odoo, which is appropriate for businesses of all sizes and is accessible both on-site and in the cloud. Odoo is one of the world's most popular open-source solutions, receiving over a thousand daily downloads and installations. It's adaptable, versatile, and offers a vibrant community that can be tailored to your needs. Due to its modularity and user-friendliness, it can be put into production quickly.

Project Management

Successfully manage your projects and make the most of them with the project management tool.

Sales Management

Everything you need to run your sales process is enabled with a CRM module to handle leads.

Accounting Processes

Take control of every aspect of the accounting and make the cumbersome process streamlined.


Handle all the manufacturing and assembly operations with the help of an easy-to-use module.

Odoo Dubai - Unveiling A Unique Value Proposition

Azinova offers you what other companies cannot. While there are so many other Odoo software companies here in Dubai that provide regular Odoo ERP Dubai, we are able to support you in every stage of your business process. Everything from custom Odoo Dubai development that fits the business seamlessly to implementation to AMC, we are an organization able to offer you extensive services across the board demanding going through every single one of them until you have the odoo ERP solution that you’d wanted and are capable of operating it with excellence. Grow your business with the Odoo ERP software development company in Dubai, this can help run the everyday business more efficiently regardless of the size of the business. Odoo Dubai plays a vital role in simplifying business processes, it is a very flexible, open-source software that could seamlessly fit into the business from all industries. Our odoo ERP software Dubai team consists of functional and technical developers with excellent expertise who will assist with every single requirement that you might have and will carefully elaborate on how to implement and take advantage of the Odoo Dubai.

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Azinova Technologies has forged an official partnership with Odoo, a renowned ERP solution provider.

This collaboration marks a noteworthy milestone in the ongoing journey of Azinova Technologies as a leading software development company. We take immense pride in becoming official partners with Odoo

Why Odoo? Why Now?

Our commitment to delivering exceptional software solutions has led us to join forces with Odoo, a global leader in the field. This partnership opens up new horizons for us, enabling Azinova technologies to provide you with even more robust and innovative business solutions.

Zineb boujnine who is Odoo Business Partner Consultant, Her strategic guidance has been a compass for us, helping us to navigate the complexity of the partnership process.

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Odoo ERP Modules
Manage everyday business with ease

Our Odoo Dubai can bring all the essential data from all the departments to a single interface, which makes it more convenient and easy to manage. Integrate all crucial departments into Odoo ERP system from Accounts, CRM, HR, Logistics, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Marketing, and much more.

Production Management

Production Management

This will let you handle all the manufacturing and assembly operations in the form of an easy-to-use odoo ERP module. You will be able to schedule the manufacturing and work orders from this module. Get advanced analytics functionalities embedded to learn about the capacities of resources and inventory locations. Get comprehensive yet simple interfaces with both Kanban and Gantt views so that you can schedule the work, and manufacture everything perfectly using Odoo Dubai.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

This module helps you manage your inventory, whether it's big or small. The inventory will be meticulously taken into account and every detail about the commodity will be available for you at a click. All payments can be automated. Every single process can be tracked with Odoo ERP system. When it comes to stock, they can be monitored so that you can increase the stock level when it is essential.

Accounts Module

Accounts Module

Our accounting module enables you to take control of every aspect of accounting and make the cumbersome process simple. Comprising a barrage of features from analytics accounting to consolidation, the Odoo software module integrates every disparate process that comprises accounting into a single module that lets the user tally every datum. Odoo ERP system Development company Dubai has developed a simple interface for every functionality that makes it easy for anyone to operate.

Human Resources & Payroll

Human Resources & Payroll

Perform all HR operations with ease. Our odoo ERP module lets you take control of overseeing and monitoring your employees and keep track of progress in talent acquisition. Moreover, our odoo software development team has designed accurate payroll functionality that lets you take control of salary accounts, bonuses, and any other expense. This can also help you effectively do leave management operations that help you manage and track in real-time by Odoo Dubai.

Point of Sales

Point of Sales

Our Odoo Dubai Company developed a POS module that will enable you to have control of every single transaction and real-time stock update. Moreover, with an uncomplicated yet powerful dashboard, you will be able to perform every single operation easier than before. The best part is that the Odoo Dubai module can be easily integrated with other odoo ERP system modules and corresponding modules like inventory and accounting can instantly be integrated.

Project Management

Project Management

The flexible project management module from our Odoo ERP system Development company Duba lets you handle multiple projects simultaneously. Moreover, you will get to know every detail of a project throughout the project cycle. Get track of the process while keeping track of the time to complete a task. Get each and everyone to communicate together with the integrated Odoo Dubai chat feature while scheduling new tasks and deadlines that require a follow-up.

Why Odoo Dubai?
Odoo the new Open source ERP

Odoo ERP brings an open-source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that is used primarily as complete management software for all the business operations, throughout departments regardless of the industries. This solution of Odoo Dubai has made it easier to be unboundedly shapeable to the innovation of developers thus making it serve the purpose of any business in need of a holistic odoo software that performs myriad functions.

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Our Process
Because Clients always want a little more

Requirement Analysis

An analysis of odoo ERP requirements that are needed by the client and we suggest all the essential functions based on the industry. This is the very first process for the development of an Odoo Dubai.

GAP Analysis

An analysis that compares the current system with the concept of the solution that the company needs. In short, our odoo software team will analyze the gap between the present system with the ideal Odoo Dubai.

Development & Customization

Our professional odoo software development Dubai team skillfully integrates unique customizations and modifications to any module to create the final application by using Odoo Dubai.

Project Plan

This involves the creation of a cohesive plan document that outlines the various targets of the process of developing an Odoo Dubai software and how to execute the project with efficiency.

Software Requirement Specification

This is where we narrate in the form of a document the scope of the application using Odoo Dubai, it’s pricing, the particular environment required for activities, and all relevant details.


Our excellent technical team will assist you with the reduced cost of Odoo ERP implementation of the software across the various departments of your business. By giving onsite training for the functional and technical aspects of the final Odoo Dubai application, including the basic configuration and data migration.

Report Generation

Odoo software development company can custom generate reports on the various features of the solutions so that you can monitor the Odoo ERP application and get real-time insights into the progress of your business processes across many departments.

Annual maintenance contract

Our Odoo ERP Development company is committed to maintaining the software throughout your tenure with us. We will send teams periodically to ensure Odoo Dubai is working seamlessly across all departments and once the contract gets over, you can renew the contract for Odoo Dubai.

Quality Analysis

A continuing process where our quality analysts are able to perform comprehensive quality analysis of every functionality and module to spot flaws and mitigate them with better versions of the Odoo Dubai product designed by our odoo software development team.

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