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A Case Study: The Power of Social Media Advertising in Digital Marketing

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A Social Media case study implemented during Gitex global 2022

Azinova technologies present the finest social media case studies it implemented during Gitex global 2022. This Digital marketing case study is based on all the finest tried and tested industry methods which gave us positive results during the Gitex event. Gitex Global, the dream tech event in Dubai for all the tech companies across the world, has finally ended on a pleasing note; it's a kind of event where all the companies pitch their products and seek funding for their research and development, marketing, and build their brand It's one of the world's biggest tech fest. This year more than 5000 companies from over 90 countries participated at Gitex Dubai. Through this digital marketing case study, we will discuss with you all the strategies we implemented that helped our brand grow during this event so that all the people in Digital business can use this case study as a reference for their growth.

This Digital marketing case study by Azinova technologies will help all people gain insights and prepare a game plan for such significant events.

case study of gitex

Azinova Technologies, the top Digital Marketing company in Dubai, and its social media strategy for Gitex 2022

We started our game plan for Gitex global nearly two weeks before the event. It was a massive task, but we took it as a challenge. “Hard time creates a strong team.” Our team came forward, and we drafted one of a kind social media strategy which resulted in excellent organic growth for our company. We share our tried and tested knowledge with all in the form of a case study so that all can grow. It is said that knowledge grows if we share it with others.

Here is the list of activities we did for Gitex 2022 Dubai.

Creation a lead Generation landing page

A website is like an online face of a company people search for the brand's website when they select a particular service provided by the company so we at azinova are well aware of that so we optimized our website for our users and our developers created a well-defined landing page with optimized content describing who we are for our website. We used this landing page as a banner on the website to generate leads the users coming to our website through different social media channels can find the landing page easily. Now the question arises what is a landing page and how it will be useful for a company?

A landing page is a page that the user visits when he clicks the link to the website to check the services. It can also be a lead generation form where the users will fill in the columns and their id if they are interested in our services the data is received by the company and then the company contacts the clients for further proceedings, this method is the best to generate leads for a company and to build the brands presence during such events. We promoted our pages on all social networks before the Gitex but from 10-14 October was our real challenge during the event.

Content Marketing are a game-changing method for the growth of the Company

Content is always the king, there is no doubt about that and it has been followed since the beginning of the internet the more unique content you will produce with healthy keyword insertion in articles search engines will rank your blog higher.

We wrote two solid blogs for a total of nearly three thousand words and describing what is Gitex's global and its history, the importance of gitex for an audience and companies, and how our “Azinova technologies” the “leading software company in Dubai” is part of Gitex global for the last few years and added suitable images to highlight the same with proper keywords everywhere in the blog. We even got a like from the official account of Gitex's global LinkedIn page for our blog.

You can read our two blogs for Gitex and gain better insights into how our brand Azinova technologies the leading software company in Dubai.

We shared the blog everywhere on the internet for a wider reach by tagging the official page of Gitex global, and it helped us very much.

The right social media strategy is always a game changer for brand-positive growth

The right social media strategy improved our brand Visibility quickly.

We make the above statement with our own experience, and we mean that when Gitex started, we were a little bit perplexed about how to make things happen. Then our Digital marketing team came out with a cunning one-of-a-kind social media strategy for the growth of Azinova technologies, the leading digital marketing company in Dubai. We started to roll out the content on each social media platform as per the format of that platform. Let's discuss them one by one.


Linkedin has been a game changer for Azinova technologies which is the leading digital marketing company in Dubai during Gitex.

Linkedin is a professional platform where professionals and companies connect. The social media strategy for LinkedIn was devised in such a way that Linkedin has over 830 million users in over 200 countries. According to a report by Kinsta, only 3 million people share content, so there is a massive demand for LinkedIn. So we at Azinova technologies saw it as an opportunity and started promoting our content with the lead generation form with high-end graphics and videos supplied by the graphic design team, and our traffic results were tremendous and kept on boosting organically. We were growing exponentially at a fast pace, and our content was becoming viral in no time with a good engagement for three reasons.

  • We had written suitable and meaningful content showcasing our services and products.
  • We mentioned appropriate hashtags and tagged the relevant pages, which resulted in our organic growth and good traffic boost.
  • We shared our content in all the suitable and relevant groups with proper engagement on LinkedIn, which helped us to grow.
  • If a professional or a brand uses Linkedin properly, we can bet that they will have organic growth and a good traffic boost.

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are the two most popular social media platforms and have the highest number of content creators and business pages so we planned our social media strategy and posted our Gitex content accordingly.

  • A well-curated content about our services and products with high-end pictures of what is happening inside the gitex auditorium.
  • We used suitable hashtags and tagged appropriate pages of Gitex; the posting time and locations were also taken into consideration before posting and we got a good organic traffic boost and engagement.
  • Reels were our top priority for Instagram and our reels exploded like a rocket exponentially crossing 1k views within a single day with good engagement.
  • We manage to reach more than 1k accounts within 3 days.
  • Our reels and our social media content went viral during the Gitex events i.e from 10 October to 14th October with a healthy positive engagement.


Our growth on youtube was at a decent level. We managed to gain 6 subscribers through our videos and a good number of engagements through our tweets on respective platforms. We, the best digital marketing company in Dubai, posted content regularly on youtube and managed to gain this much-boosted traffic. We even tagged relevant pages so all relevant tagged pages can access our work.

This method proved to be a game changer and helped us gain good user traffic and engagements for our official channel.

In youtube, shots proved to be a game changer, and we recommend that all the people who follow this case study also try youtube shots.


We had a considerable amount of growth on Twitter, posted high-quality videos and Gitex on the platform, and managed to gain 100 impressions on all our tweets. In addition, we tagged relevant pages and gave hashtags so our tweets get viral in no time, thus providing us with organic traffic and engagement.

We have done similar work for one of our clients Graffic traffic which is a Top PR and Corporate Communication agency in Dubai you can check their website.

twitter insight


Facebook Traffic


Trust in the process doesn't run after the result. If our strategy of doing a particular thing is correct, we will get the right results. Our focus on implementing the right social media strategy at the right time and in the right way got us results. We are sure that all the brands out there will get the same if they apply the right digital marketing strategy for their brand.