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Guest Management Software

Approve your guests to your premises from anywhere in the world. Azinova guest management system is a state-of-the-art guest management software by a company with more than a decade of expertise in IoT applications.

The cutting-edge tool from Azinova will help you to allow your guests from anywhere in the world, anytime. The digital guest management system guarantees an easier way of guest approval regardless of where you are. The tool works flawlessly for guest management and tracking.

IoT Applications in Dubai Dubai’s No.1 Guest Management System

As experts in IoT applications, we have developed a sublime tool that will enable users to track their guests in real-time from anywhere across the globe and approve guest check-in despite where they are.

Azinova guest management software is an innovative guest management solution developed by Azinova that will help you track and approve your guests in real-time regardless of where you are. So you don't have to spend a lot of money on security personnel or a manual guest management system.

Looking for a Guest Management Software to manage guests when you are outside?

  • With the Azinova guest management system, you'll never spend too much on hiring security personnel for manual visitor management.
  • The guest management system is an inventive and financially feasible choice for a manual guest management system to manage the guests to your property.
  • The guest management system allows users to track and approve guest check-in with just one single tap regardless of where they are.
  • Azinova Guest Management System is one of our best IoT applications that enables an all-comprehensive guest management system in which you can digitally record your guests with an Ipad/Tablet based guest management software.
  • Our IoT applications-based guest management system tracks all the activities of your guests so that you can calm yourself down.

Key Features of the Azinova Guest Management System

Guest management software is one of our proud IoT applications with a multitude of features.

  • Visitor Dashboard
  • Ehteraz Scanning
  • Backend Admin Panel
  • Visitor Image Capture
  • Push Notifications
  • Detailed Reports