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Gitex Global Dubai the largest tech fest in Entire Dubai for all tech companies.


As we all know, another wonderful Gitex Dubai year has finally arrived, and we have been eagerly awaiting it. Software companies in Dubai and around the world are competing to display their breathtaking innovations that will alter the dynamics of humanity and our future, from AR/VR to artificial intelligence, healthcare technology, and sustainable energy.

It will be an arm and a leg of an experience for all the tourists and new business owners traveling to Dubai for this fantastic event because Gitex Dubai has developed into a global software hub for all the people from its inception in 1981.

Event chronology after the launch of Gitex Dubai

Gitex Dubai 2022 the most awaited tech event will be officially inaugurated on the 10th of October from 11 am to 5 pm and in the subsequent days till 14 October it will be from 10 am onwards all are heartily welcome to join the event all the programs, seminars, workshops will be conducted on the following days by the top software companies in Dubai.

Why Gitex Dubai is a significant occasion for software companies in Dubai? Everything That Makes GITEX  Favorite TECH Exhibition

Sometimes we must have wondered what makes Gitex Dubai such a special event for all the software companies in Dubai and globally. Well here is the reasons for that.

  • A business especially a technology business grows only with global exposure by making new connections adapting to new technologies and so on getting to know competitors and collaborating and coexisting with them.
  • Events like Gitex Dubai which is a global event act like an ecosystem for the software companies in Dubai. This event was started in 1981 at the World trade center Dubai.
  • All companies display their breathtaking software products in the respective stalls allotted to them for visitors and new clients.
  • This is generally a four-day event(Gitex Dubai) and is conducted under the supervision of the government of Dubai
  • This year the agenda of Gitex is on the following topics.

Blockchain and DeFi

This year at Gitex Dubai we will see new innovations in the field of Blockchain and decentralised Finance.

Software companies in Dubai do their breathtaking innovations with edge-cutting technologies in the field of blockchain and Decentralised finance each year.

Development in the field of Metaverse

The metaverse will be discussed at Gitex Dubai, along with its potential and implications for the advancement of commerce and society. Software companies in Dubai spend a lot of research in this field each year.

Development in the field of Gaming (AR/VR GAMES)

Gaming: Discover the newest trends in the gaming sector at Gitex Dubai 2022. Especially in the Field of AR/VR where you will be inside a live game a virtual experience. The top software company in Dubai will display their might there.

Internet and 5G

Investigating and gaining an understanding of the potential of 6G networks as well as the capabilities of 5G networks and their potential use for the business. Since the rise of 6G networks software companies in Dubai are very interested in mobile communications and robotics and this year at Gitex Dubai we will get a game-changing experience.

Cybersecurity in the Future at Gitex2022

Cybersecurity has emerged as one of the most crucial aspects in recent years and has been discussed in relation to issues like the Metaverse and NFT Threat Landscape, Cyber Attacks in the Digital World of eSports, Automation and AI-Powered Attacks, etc.

Software companies in Dubai spend to the tune of a million in the field of cybersecurity research and development.

Moreover, the event Gitex Dubai offers five hundred-plus hours of workshops and seminars from top industry experts.

This year it is estimated that Gitex Dubai is expected to welcome a high volume of new visitors than in previous years.

This event is very interesting and useful to visitors also as well because they will meet new cutting-edge technologies and will realize where the world is heading in terms of technology There is a significant increase in the number of IT professionals in DUBAI for the past many years creating a new software BOOM in Dubai so IT professionals from software companies in Dubai will pitch their ideas and startups in front of the people and investors which will result in their business growth.

There is a good amount of food and entertainment also present and visitors can spend quality time there creating very good memories.

Before you visit GITEX Dubai, know this

By now all of you must be aware of the History of Gitex Dubai but have you ever wondered what we should check before we visit Gitex Dubai?

Well in this section we will make everything clear for you.

Which GITEX shows should you choose out of the seven available?

You should check out all the events and sections as per your convenience and need of business if you are visiting Gitex Dubai. to check out products and tech from the top software companies in Dubai.

Gitex Global

This is a very important event of Gitex Dubai that is attended by all the international business companies and government agencies who strive to make their economy more digital mainly focusing on 170 countries, Business and top software companies in Dubai provide seminars and workshops at various locations across the hall and exhibit their products.

AI everything 

Artificial intelligence is currently the most promising and trending subject for breakthroughs that could dramatically enhance the economy. The alliance of the top AI companies and top software companies in Dubai will speed investments, innovations, and deployments in this field. The UAE government’s National Program for Artificial Intelligence is in charge of planning the occasion.

Global Devslam 

This young event aims to connect upcoming generations of the tech industry to guide them in the future direction of all new and young software companies of Dubai will be present here. At Gitex Dubai it will be a hot arena for all the young tech professionals.

North star

This is the top hot arena at Gitex Dubai where Startup founders, investors, and presenters have gathered at Zabeel Halls 4, 5, 6, and 7 at the Dubai Trade Center for this significant startup event so they can connect, grow, and build together they review the top products from the best software companies in Dubai here.

Fintech Surge:

At this conference, fintech companies, regulators, software companies in Dubai operating in Fintech, and financial centers will all be present. Similar fintech professionals from around the world can connect and help one another here. New avenues of Blockchain and decentralized finance will be discussed at this event people who are interested in Finance can participate here.

Azinova Technologies, the top software company in Dubai and a leader in mobile app development, is now present at Gitex Dubai.

As you know that Azinvoa technologies have been a part and parcel of the Gitex Dubai event for the last couple of years

This year we are back with breathtaking services and products for our clients in the field of Information technology for our clients our USP is our products for our clients which will be beneficial for the exponential growth of their business.

Odoo ERP development (Odoo Dubai):

It’s a one of kind service that no other companies offer in Dubai Odoo software in Dubai is  useful for maintaining your business  Accounts, CRM, HR, Logistics, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Marketing, and much more.

Mobile app development or Software development:

“You name it we have it “.Our developers are always well-versed to craft your idea into a real world mobile application and software for your business growth.

Web Designing and Digital Marketing services:

Our World class service in the field of Digital marketing and web designing is always unmatched and has helped all our clients to grow their businesses whether big or small exponentially and to make a strong presence online.

Our IoT Services:

As experts in IoT applications, we have developed a sublime tool that will enable users to track their guests in real-time from anywhere across the globe and approve guest check-in despite where they are: AR/VR services and the technical group including gaming areas, simulators, Touch screen activities.

Emaid and NovaPos:

One of the top achievements for Azinova is our products

They are  the only unique solution to solve the problems for the following:

 E-maid: If you are in search of cleaning company software, improve the efficiency of your field staff and reduce conflicts of availability with Azinova’s top-notch maid scheduling(E-maid) software in Dubai. Web-based smart maid scheduling software Dubai automates the in-field staff scheduling activities of your company.

  NovaPos: The smartest solution to manage all your restaurant activities under one roof.

Only top software companies in Dubai can provide such services at affordable rates and hundred percent customer satisfaction.

If you’re attending Gitex 2022 and want to transform the way your company grows exponentially,  come see us at our booth at H9-B20.24.

Some of the important FAQs about Gitex global Dubai 2022

    • How many people are anticipated to attend the show?

Over 100,000 people are anticipated to attend GITEX GLOBAL.

    • Which nations are the most popular for travel?

A truly international exhibition, GITEX invites exhibitors and attendees from over 170+ nations, including Italy, India, Brazil, Bahrain, KSA, Korea, Japan, France, Serbia, Sweden, and more.

    • What are the events that are covered by visitor passes?

The visitor’s pass is valid for GITEX GLOBAL, North Star, DevSlam, Future Blockchain Summit, Fintech Surge, and Marketing Mania events. It does not provide access to workshops, competent speakers, or training programs.

    • Is it possible to purchase the Passes on-site?

Passes can be purchased on-site, yes. To make it easier for you to arrive at the event, we advise purchasing it online. Visit the registration page for GITEX Global.

    • What about the parking facilities at GITEX  DUBAI 2022?

There are both paid and unpaid parking options. Over 5,000 vehicles can park at the DWTC in a range of free and paid parking lots located close to the event. There are 885 spots in a multi-story parking garage next to Sheikh Rashid Tower and 1,385 spaces in a multi-story parking  garage behind Sheikh Rashid Hall.

We at Azinova technologies the leading software company in Dubai warmly welcome you and look forward to meeting you at GITEX DUBAI.

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