Because 90% of people use social media, it is the most effective platform for your brand voice to be heard by customers in the current digital era. By using social media to sell your business, you have a significant impact online.

As a result, connecting with all of their target clients and showcasing their goods and services will be simple for brands. The crucial point is that various social media platforms have various content formats, and you should be aware of how they operate. For example, content that functions on LinkedIn won’t function on Instagram and Facebook, so a brand promoting a business should be well aware of each and every social media platform.

Different social media platforms and their impact on promoting a business

Different social media platforms function in different ways, and brands and businesses in Dubai should be aware of this. The content should be distributed in a way that will maximise engagement, increase traffic to the website or social media account in question, and result in sales. If a social media agency in Dubai is not able to understand the respective platform it will gradually fail to promote its client’s business.

Facebook or Meta:

All of the brands in Dubai have a presence on Facebook to promote their brands. Many businesses in Dubai have grown to be top brands thanks to social media promotions on Facebook, which is one of the oldest social media platforms. A top social media advertising agency in Dubai will be familiar with every facet of Facebook advertising for a client’s good or service. A general type of audience is present on Facebook, so you may advertise your items thereby sharing a post, joining various groups linked to products or services, or posting videos or reels with the right hashtags.

A brand can also use Facebook paid ads to promote its products and services.


Businesses in Dubai are constantly eager to explore Instagram a lot because it is the finest platform for content creators and company owners in Dubai. Instagram is one of the top social media to generate traffic and improve engagements to make your voice heard among the masses. Azinova Technologies, a leading social media agency in Dubai, is adept at promoting a specific service on Instagram. Since Instagram has a large audience base it becomes easy for a brand in Dubai to connect with its users.


  • A brand can generally promote its product or make its voice heard among the masses by promoting the right type of content for its product or services 


  • There is generally an 80/20 rule that Instagram follows where 80% of the content will be informational and 20% of the content will be promoting the business.


  • A well-defined content calendar plays an important role in rolling out content for a brand where the reels and videos play a major role to drive engagement and boost traffic than posts.


  • A top social media company like Azinova technologies in Dubai knows every aspect of Instagram and what is needed for a brand’s growth in Instagram.


  • We can also use Instagram paid ads to promote our service or products 


  • Instagram has even produced a lot of influencers who have a large fan following and a brand in Dubai can even approach them for promoting their products and services.


According to a survey by kinsta, LinkedIn is one of the top professional platforms for all brands. There are over 830 million users on LinkedIn. Brands in Dubai typically utilize LinkedIn to uphold a professional image of their business and make their voice heard among all the professional people. It is the ideal platform to connect with users and find new clients for a business.

Even LinkedIn, the best platform for a brand’s organic growth, has assisted a leading social media marketing company like Azinova Technologies in raising the value of its brand.


Quora is a unique social media platform that allows users to ask questions and receive answers from brands or individuals who represent those brands in a way that both promotes the company and addresses the user’s inquiries. If a brand in Dubai understands how to use Quora,it may grow its presence. Azinova, a social media marketing agency, is an expert at helping firms market on Quora.


A pro-social media marketing company like Azinova technologies is a pro in it. Twitter has helped us grow as a brand and if used correctly with appropriate hashtags it can be a game changer for a business. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform used to promote a business or a niche within a span of 140 characters for a single tweet.

If you are looking for the best social media marketing company in Dubai you can check our websites.


One of the leading video search engines is Youtube, which reportedly receives more daily searches than Google. If a brand in Dubai can present itself with appropriate content on YouTube and can work with some good youtube influencers, then it will be simple for the brand to reach out to the customers. YouTube has produced many influencers, made them millionaires, and helped many people to develop successful businesses.


With the use of appropriate keywords and meta descriptions, which are crucial for youtube videos depending on the search results, a digital marketing firm in Dubai like Azinova technologies will help you build your brand on YouTube and make your voice heard.


Additionally, you can view the social media case study we created for Gitex 2022 which got very good results for our own brand.


Because the majority of users are on social media, social media is a significant factor in creating a brand and is a wonderful marketing tool overall for your business. If a social media firm in Dubai uses it properly for their clients, it will be a great growth for them.

When interacting on social media channels, a brand should reflect its basic principles and position.



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