Since 90% of customers worldwide own mobile phones and that number is growing every day, mobile app development is always a game-changer for businesses.

Because of this, an increasing number of companies are turning to creating IoT and mobile applications for their business which is boosting mobile app development very much, IoT allow for the control of devices via Android or iOS mobile devices.

Now that numerous frameworks are available for mobile app development, the issue of which is the best framework for this purpose arises.


We will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the mobile app development industry through this blog, and we will contrast the two potential mobile app development frameworks, flutter, and react-native.

Mobile app development in Dubai a brief overview

Before we proceed with the mobile app development let’s make two important terms very clear 

Native apps development and hybrid app development.

Native apps development

Native apps are created specifically for a given operating system, such as Android or iOS. Each OS has its development language, such as Kotlin for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS.

Cross app development

Cross-platform refers to the process of creating software that can function across many operating systems while maintaining unified backend examples flutter, react native 


Here, we’ll compare and contrast the two cross-platform programming frameworks, flutter and react native.

To help you understand, we’ve listed the benefits and drawbacks of each framework. This will help you decide which framework to use when building your first project in mobile app development.

Comparison between reacting native and flutter 

This section will examine the benefits and drawbacks of each mobile app development framework and identify which one is most appropriate for your project.

Let’s examine both one by one.

Pros and cons of flutter 

Before diving deep into flutter let’s first discuss what Flutter is.

  • It is a cross-platform application development framework that helps developers to develop very attractive apps for both android and ios or the web version and everything can be done using a single codebase.
  • Flutter offers great desktop support, developers can install existing plugins or they can create their own.
  • Flutter development on the web offers the same feature and experience as on mobile and both can be done using a single codebase. Progressive web apps (PWA) can be built using flutter that can be integrated with the user environment here single page mobile apps send data to and from internet services.
  • In flutter, web application support provides a browser-based delivery model.
  • Some of the top features or advantages of the flutter are “hot reload”.


Hot reload: If you are a developer the best part of using flutter offers is dynamic and faster app development. It is the greatest feature of flutter appreciated by all software and app developers.

Developers can make changes to the code during live coding and it will affect the application.

Single codebase for all the platforms: As discussed above flutter’s single codebase app can be developed for multiple platforms (Android and ios) Material design was developed by google for android apps and Cupertino by apple for ios apps by using these two concepts we can develop apps in flutter using a single codebase.

Testing by the QA team will be reduced to half since we are writing apps for both android and ios versions using a single codebase. Your QA team will need to write very few test cases for testing the app and hence it will help to save time.

Apps developed on flutter are very easy to use and faster compared to other platforms 

Friendly UI: Flutter has its own set of custom widgets and a very user-friendly UI, Flutter was created so that the developers could create or customize their widgets.


If you need to build an MVP(minimum viable product) using flutter is the best option for you.


  • Flutter even has a few cons since flutter is developing day by day the size of the developer community is very small in flutter and Dart is known by very few developers only compared to javascript.
  • Although Flutter has very good google support flutter still lags behind native development in terms of UI development.
  • Applications written on flutter are generally larger than native development


You can check the official website for flutter development and its documentation to know more.


React Native

It is generally an effective javascript framework for cross-platform development for both android and ios. Apps created using native apps are not mobile web apps but use the same UI blocks for android and iOS.


    • The fast refresh feature that Reactive Native offers is the same as the flutter hot reload feature; it enables developers to inject code directly into an application that is already running. Hot reload aids in the development of the application state when the application is in the full reload state. In react native it is called fast refresh.
  • The single code base for all the platforms Like Flutter react native offers a single codebase for both platforms 
  • Javascript is still a more widely popular language than Dart for flutter so it has a wide developers community.
  • React native helps you to develop cross-platform apps and gives the developers full freedom to decide based on the project requirements.
  • It was released five years ago so Facebook has developed a strong API for it.
  • It is easy to learn if you know how to react and the testing is reduced by 50 percent because of a single codebase.

Check out the official documentation for react-native language to know more.

Cons of react native 


  • Like other native apps, the final product won’t be an exact native app, just a close version of native apps.
  • It only supports basic components outside the box.
  • Here the developer’s freedom is both a good and a bad thing because it takes time to decide on the navigation package and global state management.
  • It has a lot of unused or abandoned packages or unused ones.
  • The UI is fragile and can break sometimes during an update but it rarely happens.
  • Apps are generally bigger than native apps.


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Every app that you develop requires different functionality and it is always necessary to sit with a team of experienced developers before starting a project so that it will be easy for you during the development of your project.


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