One of the hottest technologies currently in use augmented reality in mobile devices is developing quickly, and people all over the world are using it in places like Dubai.


Augmented reality is the enhanced physical version of the real world using digital stimuli.”.

And this technology is going to be a game changer for all the businesses out there in Dubai, especially the E-commerce industry.


E-Commerce can be B2B, B2C or D2C and after the pandemic more and more businesses are going to E-commerce and this industry has gained a good pace 


Since the majority of people carry a mobile phone, purchasing a product using one is simpler for a consumer than using a computer.


Through this blog, we will explain to you everything about the importance of AR/VR for an E-commerce business and how it will help them.

Augmented reality and overview :

Professor Ivan Sutherland, a Harvard professor and computer scientist, created the term “augmented reality.”

Facebook has invested a lot of effort in this area, and the idea of its augmented reality advertisements has provided businesses with new opportunities. A game-changer is Facebook’s Oculus VR.

The terms AR/VR are used together whenever we pronounce them but they are different

Augmented reality augments the real world that you will see to a certain extent but a virtual reality like oculus VR gives the user a fully immersive experience of the real world.


How will the e-commerce industry in Dubai be impacted by the introduction of AR/VR?

The greatest way to shop is online, and as more people and companies are using e-commerce solutions as a result of the epidemic, now is the ideal time for businesses in Dubai to implement AR/VR capabilities.


One of the biggest challenges that an online or an e-commerce industry faces is it does not provide a proper user experience to the user because of its confined environment.


Augmented reality technology comes here as a saviour and plays a major role to overcome this barrier.


An e-commerce mobile app with AR elements will provide the user with more options with only one click.

Take Lenskart Dubai as an example. They added an AR function to their mobile app, and as a result, their clients had a great experience testing out the glasses through their mobile devices without going to a physical store.

By including this feature in their mobile app, they are providing an added perk for their clients, and as a result, more and more users of the business will be drawn to the app, turning it into a lead.


If e-commerce businesses keep up with technology, they will see positive results for their businesses. The fundamental rule in any business is to satisfy customers and keep them happy.


IKEA in Dubai has integrated an Augmented reality element into its smartphone app, allowing buyers to try the sofa or other home goods they are selling.


This Augmented reality feature is flourishing and more and more people are ordering home goods from IKEA and using it. It has allowed customers to look at a greater selection of furniture on their mobile phones without visiting the IKEA physical shop in Dubai.


An online e-commerce store for dresses and shoes implemented this feature and this has given their customers a wider option of selection right at their fingertips.

An architect or a construction company can show their customers a 3-D image of their construction works and flat by using Augmented Reality through their mobile apps, this technology has evolved on that scale.

Gaming companies are making billions of dollars in Dubai and across the Globe using this AR technology.

All these businesses are making billions of dollars by using this feature.

Businesses sometimes will find it difficult and uneasy to change the perception because they will think since it’s a new feature and an emerging technology, But the truth is if you don’t innovate in your business you will fall behind.

A normal mobile e-commerce app can give the user a limited set of features but a high-ended AR mobile application will always increase wider avenues for your customers by giving them a real-world experience about your business.


E-commerce businesses in Dubai should opt for this feature while developing their mobile app and very few software companies in Dubai like Azinova technologies provide one-of-a-kind services like this.


How Augmented Reality Is Being Used by E-commerce Companies in Dubai

  • Augmented reality  gives e-commerce companies a way to experience their products in their environments before deciding to purchase them or not. Using this technology it’s easier for customers to pick the right product.
  • It gives the customers an easy way to check the size of the product and how that product will look in the room if they buy it for eg a television or a sofa set
  • Using Augmented reality  companies can produce interactive manuals. if they are selling some products that require a learning curve.
  • AR helps to add social media filters to make a product look great and companies are using these things very widely.


Types of AR applications

There are many types of AR applications mainly.

  • Marker-based AR:  it is based on image base AR  it detects the object in front of the camera and provides information about them on the screen. When the device locates that mark it gives a 3-d version of that object on that screen.
  • Marker less AR is not based on the virtual object theory; the user will place any object on the screen and the 3d object will appear which the user can rotate anywhere.
  • Location-based AR displays the object based on the location of the objects.



The right move will give you the right business growth in eCommerce and AR is the future of E-commerce.


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