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An ERP SYSTEM is everything of your business because it manages and integrates all the business processes. ERP system simplifies your business process. An efficient ERP system leads to great effectiveness , decrease operating cost of business.  Implementing an erp software is like investing in your business.  There are several IT firms which provide erp software . Azinova is one of the best odoo development company in dubai  . Azinova the odoo development company offers to  run the everyday business more efficiently regardless of the size of the business . Odoo dubai has very efficient developers who will help you with every single requirement of our client with quality works. 


In this blog we are going to mention some methods to reduce the implementation cost of ERP SOFTWARE.

  • Plan and budget carefully 

Without a proper planning of your erp budget , erp project may go beyond your estimated cost. Sometimes companies might miss some important feature of erp which is important to the project while constructing the project roadmap. There are some important questions like what will be the price of software ? What is your business strategy? Will there be any kind of hardware ? Will there be any  monthly cost or network charges? Which is the best consultant? . If these questions aren’t answered at the beginning of the project . The final result will be an elevated and disorganized cost in the future.  Careful planning and budget plays an important role in controlling erp implementation cost. 

  • Select erp software based on your business needs

Selecting an erp software with foresight is essential for reducing the cost implementation. If you purchase an erp software which does not meet your business requirements you are forced to purchase more functionality you need this will lead to a rise in the budget.  So always mind to choose an erp solution that is simply custom made in accordance with the organizational needs . 

Odoo ERP Software in Dubai provides the best technical assistants to our clients . Once we committed the software implementation . We will give all the technical help and also make adjustments and customization to the solution . The level of commitment that azinova providing is unique in regard to other Odoo companies in Dubai.

  • Avoid unnecessary and excessive customization

Companies typically fail to scrutinize  their business requirements which will leads to a great failure. Excessive customization can make the upgrades tough. So only focus on your immediate and essential needs of the organization and find out how to meet your requirements within the system. Always remember to keep your erp customization as minimum as possible because it will increase the cost of the software. 

  • Focus on long term ROI ( return on investment)

You should be foresight  for the best and worst situation for your odoo implementation.Consider long term results of your plans on your organisations. Sometimes some organizations who are so conscious and planned about their budget will have to pay an excellent cost for implementation because they ignored the long term targets.

  • Rely on ERP partner’s expertise

 If you approach an ERP consultancy for implementing software. Make the most of your technical expertise . You can clear all your doubts about the ERP system for your enterprise. Your expertise is concerned in all aspects of the project from the selection of the software to implementation of the software . You can also increase their experience by getting assistance in training and ongoing Odoo ERP support with the product. . Hiring the perfect erp developer is a key factor of the business success.

  • Cloud ERP

Have you thought about cloud erp solutions? Cloud erp has lots of advantages . It is cost effective because you can save on infrastructure because it doesn’t require any server or hardware as the vendor hosts the system. Cloud ERP is faster and cheaper than other on premises.  companies who moved to the cloud lowered their deployment prices by an estimated 30% to 50% compared to on-premises ERP.


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