Food and beverage industry has suffered so many unpredictable crisis in 2020 due to covid-19 pandemic. It made so many impacts in this field and many organizations reevaluated their operational strategies.  A right and effective software technology helps organizations to make a comeback safely from the heavy loss caused during the time of pandemic.


The restaurant pos system dubai helped most of the companies with great features and also helped them to recover their income through a proper and systematic software system .  


Our erp system has many advantages . We have the right ERP tool to increase the productivity of your employees with a minimum chance of errors and operational delays. With Azinova, the leading ERP Software Development in Dubai, UAE, you will get an all-comprehensive solution that caters to activities like managing inventories, order synchronization and management, finance, customer management, etc. From our previous blogs you can understand how our system optimize and manage the performance of a restaurant.


Almost all organizations began to rely on ERP software. The development companies make many changes to support a broader range of complex functionalities.


Here we are going to mention some important points about ERP.


  1. Why is ERP so important?

Every company aims for better coordination in their business. They need to handle multiple operations happening simultaneously  with maximum efficiency . Having an enterprise resource planning software provides a solution for this multiple tasking .It is a system which integrates all the other business processes – from the manufacturing to production, customer service management, packaging and distribution . ERP software can help to automise the day to day repetitive task.


Why companies preferring erp software


  • Convenience and accessibility of data

When we observe the current scenario . People have a tendency to spend money on bare essentials rather than luxury products. They like to enjoy their life within a limit like for a dinner night or a day out with friends or families. This trend is helpful for food and beverages entrepreneurs to pull back their business with full wings and also they can focus on what is selling more on or what are the trending items etc.ERP software combines data and technology to offer businesses the power of quick and maximum efficiency in coordinating all business processes .


  • Can manage the rising costs

After pandemic organizations are trying really hard to meet the customers demands on time. Companies need an ERP software system to manage and overcome this situation. ERP systems can minimize the impact of ongoing turbulence. ERP software helps companies to reduce the operational costs and also helps in adapting digital strategies for optimizing business processes.


  • UpToDate with customers changing preference .

Covid 19 makes so many changes in society . As a result, customers’ preferences also change. They are more conscious about their health so their purchasing style also changes. They are more conscious about immunity boosting and healthy foods. ERP software allows businesses to have all the information handy, helping them pivot quickly and adjust to market demands.


Erp trend in 2022

Food and beverage companies need to deal with fruits and vegetables and other edibles that are perishable in nature. These food items either need to be sold quickly or to be kept with high care to maintain the quality of products. The covid 19 crisis makes so many difficulties in food supply chains for example in processing, shipping etc.

Through an integrated ERP system companies can manage the production , coordination, dissemination, stock, shipping, invoicing, bookkeeping, showcasing, and HR administration .

In food and beverages company sales depend upon different departments. During the pandemic days the workers are not allowed on full strength so by using mobile devices they can manage the entering and leaving of employees. Mobile-ready erp softwares are becomes popular because employees can manage their work and activities through mobile 


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