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Running your restaurant requires managing tons of business processes regularly. It’s tough to control and supervise everything from your kitchen to your accounting and customer experience. So when it comes to choosing the right restaurant pos system in Dubai, you must get one that can maximize performance with affordable costing. Additionally, you should consider a fully-integrated, restaurant pos system in Dubai that can streamline both your accounting and customer management, helping you optimize your restaurant performance.

 If your restaurant is aiming for growth in the coming years, make sure to customize the features based on your requirement for the restaurant pos system Dubai. Also, the reporting management system should allow you to connect more complex pieces of business to the system. With an all-in-one restaurant pos system Dubai with full integrations, you can increase productivity at all of your locations by getting all the essential data in one dashboard in a short period. Here are some features that have the potential to optimize the daily performance of your restaurant.

1. Restaurant Accounting 

Regular accounting software may fulfill all the requirements. When you just getting started with only one or a few outlets. But as the business grows, your company has most likely to need a lot more than the features of the regular accounting software. Therefore, choosing the restaurant pos system Dubai, having a dedicated accounting module is very important. A restaurant-specific solution comes with all the essential functionalities to fulfill all the accounting requirements. It even comes with intercompany accounting, which records financial transactions between different outlets within the same business. This makes the whole process of taxation easier. The restaurant-specific accounting features from restaurant management software enable you to streamline Accounts Payable with AP automation, leading you to an error-free workflow. Or, with automatic reconciliation for your debit cards, online payment, or even delivery services. This powerful accounting functionality can help you get all the data in one dashboard. 

2. Employee Management

restaurant management software

3. Real-time Analytics

Real-time data about your business will help you at all points in time especially if you are scaling your restaurant. You need to be able to produce your reporting at different stages of scaling as well. Most of the time the dashboard will provide the assistance required for the managers to make the right managerial decision effortlessly. The 3-tier architecture system is capable of solving complex data in a short period. As a result, the restaurant pos system in Dubai helps you share reports, automated updates, and permissions with any person associated with the business.

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4. Food Cost Tracking 

Managing your food costs is very important for the sustainability of your business to compete with competitors. The expenses involved in purchasing the utilities can be stored in the system. It will be also used to calculate the prime cost decisions by comparing with average food cost. However, If your restaurant has multiple outlets in different locations or still scaling, the restaurant pos system in Dubai is important to get insight into your food cost across all the restaurants. 


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