Restaurant Management SOFTWARE

Manage your restaurant with the software designed to cater every single aspect of the restaurant's functioning, from the invoice management inside the receptionist's computer, the storage of the food inside the kitchen and the cooking, the expenses involved in purchasing the utilities for a single day, the disposable waste; almost everything that involves work can be made more efficient with this software. It avails the user an illustrative and easy to access interface with necessary tools to help the functionality and efficient segmentation, so that processes can be assigned into respective departments which will all be integrated with the main server app. It is designed with a software interface that provides secure database structure with authenticated login details and multi user system that organizes stores and retrieves real time information. .

Customer Management

To manage all the needs and desires of your customers from a conveniently centralised interface...

Accounting Management

Handle all the monetary and transaction oriented issues efficiently and with deft care. .

Employee Management

Manage all the activities, schedule the agenda and see the service history of all the employees working under your instruction..

Reporting Management

This versatile module will help in the generation of reports related to the performance of the employees. ..

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