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Many cleaning businesses in the market are currently using functional business software to manage their day-to-day business processes. However, it is not capable of providing the business flexibility to provide the customization, automation, and insight capabilities required to run the business effortlessly. For those businesses seeking out an ERP technology implementation, you can choose a customized solution that fulfills all your business requirements from a software Development Company in Dubai. In the long run, ERP technology will save you cost and time by automating, time-consuming tasks into automated workflows at the company, role, or end-user level. There are several ERP features that are essential for your business, Azinova Technologies offers the best ERP solution in Dubai. Additionally, the system provides all the information you or your team members require in real-time. This will help to manage all your staff and customers in one system.   

ERP technology you use to run your cleaning business needs to keep pace with it and not fail behind. Clunky, slow user experience frustrates your staff and your clients. Speedy service booking, easy scheduling the task, and real-time web integration are features that come with the scheduling software Dubai. A tailor-made ERP system designed based on your business will enable you to manage all your business processes and manage the data from vendors, web orders, mobile apps, etc.

Here are some of the features we think are important to cleaning businesses. 

  • Call Logger Module

A call logger module is essential that enables you to proactively control your valuable customers by whatever criteria you choose route, day, etc. Previous interactions with the customer will be known with the help of an advanced call logger and recorder and thereby we can able to help them instantly. The recorder records the calls for the purpose of improving the quality of customer interaction. Software Development Company in Dubai will design the ERP system in a way that can split calls, view order history, booking schedules, booking updates, and much more so you function effortlessly. 

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  • Smart Scheduling ERP features

     Being at the time at the customer’s place is an all-time challenge for cleaning companies. If this is one of the hardest problems faced by your business, ensure the software development company in Dubai you chose could provide a scheduling system. Features such as automated maid scheduling and driver’s app make the business process much easier. By creating routes through drag and drop functionality or booking a cleaning service at customers’ convenience. In addition, you can send the newest notifications to your employees in real-time. With ERP technology, you can effortlessly plan and manage all your bookings without any stress.

    • Customer Application

     Your customer should be able to open their smartphone to view available slots and book service at their convenience. The software development company in Dubai supports website integration to give a much smoother booking experience. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the mobile app by offering promotions to app users. As a result that will motivate customers to book more frequent services from you.

    • Advanced Accounting and HR

    One of the most useful modules that come with ERP technology is the advanced accounting and HR module. It helps to manage all the inbound cash flows and outbound. It also assists in other accounting features such as ledger booking, bank reconciliation, and much more. This also lets the business effortlessly handle all the taxation and follow government regulations.

    • Online PaymentERP features

      Offer your customers an easy way to make payments in a quick and secure way. Online payment is more efficient when compared to other modes of payment. Software Development Company in Dubai helps your business with an online payments facility that is integrated with the scheduling software enables customers to make payments while booking service.

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