Doesn’t matter which business you are running ,the traditional marketing methods are just outdated and all are online . Even if you are a beginner in your business  you will get a great platform to compete even with global business. To make a tough competition with your competitor you need a well designed website with engaging content , useful images . Keep in mind that you build a website which is user friendly and interactive for your target audience .  

Azinova technologies is one of the best software company in dubai . For more than a decade, Azinova has been transforming businesses through strategic IT consulting, development, and digital marketing services. The firm that commenced its journey in 2007 has helped clients of all kinds accelerate business growth by delivering productive and profitable systems designed to scale the efficiency of assorted organizations. At the moment, we have grown to be a larger group headquartered in Dubai, UAE, with branches in Qatar and Canada, and a development center in Technopark, Kerala, India with deeper roots in various fields – Software Development, Mobile Apps & Web Apps, Website Design, ERP Systems, UI/UX, Branding, and Digital Marketing. 

Here we are mentioning some key ideas to remember  before you start your website for your business. 


  1. Look and feel

The outlook of your website is important to grab the attention of your target audience . Because the first impression always remains till the last time. However , in this fast-growing technical world you should use the most advanced and updated technologies and tools. 


      2   Use quality images

           A picture speaks a thousand words . It’s an old saying but it is very true . You can convey                   your ideas easily through images and videos. Make sure you are using quality and authorized images for your site .You can take pictures with the help of a professional photographer so you will get quality pictures. By seeing those perfect images your potential customers get a clear idea about your product and service that you provided. 


3  Use colors wisely

  Color combination of your website plays an important role in making your audience stay  on  your website for a long time and an unmatched color tone also distracts them . Ensure there is uniformity in the color throughout the website . Keep in mind that your website color should match the color of your company .Colors can influence genuine emotions in your target audience, that can further lead them to act. 


     4  Quality content

Content on your website helps to connect with your audience. It is very important in online marketing. Your company comes to know about your company , your product , service all through the content that you wrote in your website . So make sure your content has much  quality and freshness. Also make sure that your website has enough content which is relevant to the business.


    5   User experience

Unless your client is satisfied with your content and the overall presentation of your website you can’t make an impact in the market . So you should always approach your business presentation from the customer’s point of view . For understanding customer likes and dislikes, take feedback from the customer . And make an analysis of current market strategies, do competitor analysis to see how they promote their business online . If you have a social media account you can engage your audience on various platforms . Use google analytics tool which can help you further progress of your website .   


 6      Mobile friendly design 

In today’s scenario traffic from mobile has already overtaken traffic from desktop because mobile is  so convenient for everyone . So you should make sure that your website is mobile friendly . but optimizing for mobile is crucial. Because making a website responsive means the layout , design and the ux will be comfortable and easy to adapt on small , handheld devices. And also it’s important for your mobile site has same brand identity as the desktop version. so it pays to design your desktop website in a way that can be easily and comfortably adapted for mobile.

For as a reference you can check azinova’s website .  Azinova is a well-known software and app development company in dubai with 15 years of experience in this field .We outperformed web designing by providing a better service that boosts website traffic and leads. A quality website enables you to bring more traffic and interactive design often creates a good impression on customers. 




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