It seems like every day, there is some new gadget or technology being launched that has the potential to change the manufacturing and production process. This means the present day systems will become obsolete if companies aren’t willing to step up their game. There is high competition, insatiable clients, rising costs, and the hard task of getting skilled resources. For of all these problems, there is an app that you can integrate which will help you overcome these obstacles and properly manage your manufacturing process. Odoo ERP is a cost efficient method which can help you with managing every aspect of the manufacturing and all of that through interfaces that are at your fingertips.


The Odoo ERP Manufacturing/ Production Management Module

A complete Odoo Production is effortlessly able to help the varied processes like assembling, designing and distributing the products without missing the deadline. Moreover, this holistic module will help with the invoices, quotes, tracking and scheduling. An Odoo Manufacturing Module will help your company in these myriad ways:

Manufacturing: Scheduling the work orders automatically creates great efficiency in the manufacturing process, and in utilising the disparate inventory with relative ease.

Scheduling:  Resource identification and Requirements, management and planning are crucial things to be taken in. The work orders can be scheduled, and the availability of the resources tracked.

Automation: The module has support for bar codes, and various operations can be configured to transpire automatically with the minimal manual effort required.

Flexibility: This production management module helps you operate multiple tasks with relative ease, operations such as billing, routeing and implementing changes can occur.

User Interface: This helps you the users to manufacture the products, and give orders based on their choice. There are several views available, and you can make the changes on the list view and the calendar view besides being able to make changes to the schedule.  Gannt view also exists for providing customization and flexibility.

Analytics: It provides incisive insights into your manufacturing process. The best thing about the process is that it synchronises manufacturing and inventory seamlessly while making it possible for you to view the manufacturing activities, stock levels, and generate streamlined reports and uninterrupted business workflow.

Odoo Production Management Module in Dubai Helps You Cater To

Automobile and Transportation:  Odoo’s Production Management Module has provided the automobile and transportation with a great boost to their manufacturing as the module has made it possible for them to create better products faster.

Industrial Equipment: Companies that are creating industrial equipment are able to get their high rate volume of material procurement and manufacturing in balance with the implementation of Odoo production management module.

Medical: With Odoo, multiple modules can be integrated into a single software product, and for the medical industry, production management, supply chain management and scheduling can all be integrated into the single software.

Other than these, myriad other industries make use of the Odoo manufacturing module as a catalyst for their manufacturing process.

All businesses are evolving, whether manufacturing or services and if you want to get ahead of the game, you will need to integrate software. Odoo’s ERP gives you cost efficient and highly scalable modules for every type of activity.


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