“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

— Albert Einstein

The influx of 5g is going to boss AR VR experiences and it will definitely be a breakthrough in the commercial, gaming and entertainment and ecommerce field. The extended reality (XR) is the abridge hypernym for Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Immersive technology. The landing of 5g is going to impact XR strikingly. According to IDC (International Data Corporation), in 2020 the universal Spending on AR/ VR look forward to hit $18.8 Billion, that is, a boost of 78.5% when compared to 2019. VR Games like No Man’s Sky VR, Beat Saber, Batman: Arkham VR are opening a new door to an advanced XR experience. 

XR is the Future 

Virtual reality opens up a computer generated simulation through sight and sound, to create a  three dimensional interactive environment, which seems to be real. Augmented reality can adjoin it’s experience by adding digital elements to a live view but can only be accessible for a fixed space like your smartphone or tablet screen. Companies like Ikea and Gap are adding more fun and entertainment to their customers shopping experience and also simplifying it by implementing augmented reality. 

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2020 is in the hands of the telecom industry in providing wherewithal for the deployment of 5G and thus expanding the effectiveness of AR, VR or XR collectively. 2020 is looking into high end data transfer with minimal delay, tremendous computing skills and improvements in distributed computing paradigms like edge computing by the formation of cloud 5G.

Immersive technology which simply means creating a sense of immersion. The technology mimics a real world through the means of a digital world by creating an encircling sensory perception by focusing on mixed reality. The haptic technology creates a lush tactile feel by precisely controlled device actuators by utilising capabilities of immersion.

Why 5G?

5G is much needed because of its higher throughput and it transmits data more efficiently. It’s not just the incredible transmission speed, which is 10 times higher than the speed offered by 4G service and high capacity offered by 5G, it opens up a boundless experience by implementing virtual networks.

The feature of end to end network slicing in 5G helps in creating more connectivity. New business models in 2020 will be built up on Network-as-a-service(NaaS) which will definitely depend upon this great feature called network slicing, one of the major contributions of 5G. Another benefit 5G can offer you is that the connected devices for accessing the network can be very large in numbers.

5G comes in more advanced and higher data rates. Another gain with 5G is the short lag time of the 5G network as it is very crucial for the tasks that need timely decisions to be taken. Lower latency like sub 5 or sub 2ms latency, provides more convenience with lessen down delay in receiving data from the network and thus provides an amazing user experience. Also it embolden many innovations in the field of Internet of Things (IoT).

The Cloud AR/VR Streaming

As we’ve already seen, the advent of 5G technology, several improvements and advancement level up the capacity of augmented reality and virtual reality.  The support we used to get is by using our personal computer or consoles will be lifted up to the cloud by means of edge computing. By using a flimsy headset, especially using the VR headset, we can receive a higher quality outcome. This is what the cloud AR/VR streaming technology aims at. With much rate of data flow, 5G will surely make the AR/VR faster than ever. Augmented reality requires higher bandwidth and this issue can be solved by 5G. It also improves data transmission speed, affects congestion and high frequency bandwidth. Compared to 4G cell installations, 5G demands less cell installation cost.

The most advanced sensor driven smart parking facility will contribute a more intelligent assistance to the real world. Companies like Snapchat, Apple and Google use the features of augmented reality for giving an improved quality of experience to the customers.  For users to get an amazing AR/VR experience, they now use expensive hardwares, which requires large amounts of processing power which can be changed to a less expensive and simplified way with the arrival of 5G.

The impact of 5G in the field of AR/VR

The use of 5G increases flexibility in using AR/VR applications. Currently some AR/VR facilities can be used with supporting personal computers or mobile phones will be changed with the arrival of 5G, AR facilities can make available as live AR with new and advanced integrations making available. 5G uses the eMBB stipulation which are propitious for all XR applications as well as features like 360° video streaming,4K and 8K streaming. Reliability and convenience would be the two blessings 5G can give to the field of AR/VR applications.

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As in the birth stage, we need to work on certain aspects for example, in Asia, most deployments reckon sub-6 GHz radio frequencies whereas in the US, most deployments use mmWave.  When talking about 5G, we are now going through an early stage of development which indeed need more preparations, modifications and monitoring to make sure that we provide a smooth and efficient environment to eliminate significant obstacles with 5G deployments.

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