After Google Assistant, Google has come up with the most innovative motion sensing radar –  the Soli Project, to enable a touchless interface that senses motion on a microscopic scale. 

You are the only interface you need – That is what Google’s new technology – Soli is all about.

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Group – ATAP is in the development of a brand-new technology called the Soli project to bring in the idea of accomplishing communications in the human-way, while we interact with technologies. A technology that simply senses motion, not even needs voice recognition. Google Pixel 4 implements the Soli radar to open a cryptic golden door of motion sense as branded by Google. Google announced the revolutionary technology soli in 2015 at the I/O Developer Conference. The technology is currently being commercially implemented in Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL by adding the Soli based chip inside the phone. 

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It’s time for a colossal coup in computing

Google’s Pixel 4 series –  Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL has come up with a tiny motion sensing radar inside. Isn’t it interesting that a phone has a tiny radar inside it? Why is it actually for? To sense your presence! That’s fab! right? Pixel 4 is the first and foremost consumer product where google implements face unlock and motion sense technologies in the miniature soli chip. The sensor is fixed on the top of Pixel 4 to create an interactive hemisphere which senses motion. In a Google Pixel 4 phone, Soli sensor allows gesture controls to snooze alarms, silence calls and skip songs using motion technology. You don’t have to touch your phone for all those, your gesture is enough.

The Soli team is working to develop more functionaries that use motion technology to be implemented in the Soli chip which is just 8mm x 10mm in size. Pixel 4 allows its users to experience motion sense by Pokemon Wave Hello, an interactive way to see pokemon characters’ senses if you wave your hand above  the phone. One more allure is the USTWO Headed South to experience the touchless technology in a more impish way. By means of fun, you can learn and adapt to the new world of motion sensing. As of now, motion sensing is available only to a few countries like the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, and most European countries. It is about to reach Japan soon.

What makes the technology powerful?

The Soli chip comes with some impressive aspects that opens up a savoir-faire of technologies. 

  • 360° sensing

Soli enables a 360 degree sensing to sense movement from all the angles with the capability of real time motion tracking.

  • Low power consumption

One of the major challenges  when it comes to adding new technologies is power consumption. But it is not with Soli. It works with a low power.

  • Enabling smart detection

A smart motion sensing technology to detect objects and motions through different objects to provide a smooth communication.

  • Privacy

Soli is a miniature chip, not a camera. So we don’t need to worry if it captures any pictures.

Google is on the verge of creating an entirely new communication language and that might be one of the reasons they’ve limited adding motion sense features to Pixel 4. Expectations are higher to see more amazing motion sense capabilities show up in mobile phones, tablets, wearables, IoT devices, cars and all kinds of devices, hoping to be available soon. The Soli technology implements a radar in its miniature chip featuring an antenna and a sensor deployed in it. 60GHz is the spectrum range that Soli operates. It will emit electromagnetic waves with objects and reflect the data back to the antenna. This is how it works according to Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP), Google’s hardware invention studio where they convert innovative ideas into advanced and futuristic technologies. Soli is given the capability to recognize complex hand shapes, finger movements etc within Soli’s field. Thus it senses all the subtle changes in the accepted signal over time.

A tiny chip to open a door of possibilities

The project Soli could definitely open a new world full of opportunities. It has something for our developers, brand new applications using the motion sensing capability of Soli. This project is setting tons of expectations in the field of computing. Top softwares companies in Dubai are looking forward to exploiting vast capabilities of Google’s Motion Sense. Enabling a whole new interface, the touchless interface where we can directly interact with technology for various purposes without the help of a touch, or speech recognition medium. The most interesting feature is that they have introduced a miniature chip which can easily provide a motion sense interface without using external interfaces or add on devices. This is why it extends the opportunity of implementing Soli chips on small and lightweight wearable devices and as sensors implemented in vehicles. The opportunities are boundless as motion sense is developing a new interactive interface for its users.

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