Google has rolled out the incognito mode on Google Maps. This latest feature was announced at the I/O conference back in May. The update was released for Android devices in October and for iOS devices in early December. With this feature enabled, you can search for locations or navigate using the Google Maps app without the data being added to your Google Account. Google had added this feature to YouTube earlier in the year as well.There are a lot of advantages to this new privacy option, and at the same time, it offers new avenues for managing user-data. Let’s take a look at this update to understand these features better, and what it means for software companies in Dubai.

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Google and Data Collection

Google is a user-data collecting enterprise, for the most part. It gathers all relevant data from your daily interactions with your Google device or apps to make customized content for you. Users’ privacy is becoming an increasingly debated issue, and Google recognizes the risks associated with data collection on a large scale.

This latest update seems to reinforce our understanding that Google is moving towards a user-controlled online environment, particularly at a time when data-hacks are raising concerns everywhere. This is especially important for software companies in Dubai that prioritize their clients’ privacy during app development.

Using the incognito mode

To activate the feature, tap your profile button inside the app and navigate to the incognito mode option. When you switch this on, your profile icon shows the incognito character, similar to the incognito button on Google Chrome. Your location icon turns black showing the status of the incognito mode. There would also be a banner displaying the incognito mode status while in the app.

Turning on the incognito mode hides the user data log from their personal Google account history so that you can go someplace using Google Maps without having it appear on your timeline. All your previous saved locations would be removed from Google Maps while you are incognito, and would reappear when the incognito mode is turned off.

Location sharing on Google Maps

Any time you search a location on Google Maps, it stores that information in your local search history, in case you need to revisit that search later. And when you visit a location or navigate using Google Maps, you share your location data continuously to Google. Your rough location along with this data helps Google prepare customized content and recommendations for you. This may involve suggestions for restaurants and events nearby, or if you are traveling to that location again, route traffic updates to help you plan your journey accordingly.

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On the one hand, location-sharing is helpful when you need to record your trips or get updates for your next visit. A digital marketing company in Dubai can use this data to suggest businesses around you as well. You can also share your location with friends and loved ones, letting them receive real-time updates on your journey.

However, with location sharing, users risk exposing their location and travel behavior. In addition to the incognito mode, Google is bringing out another update for Google Maps that lets users bulk delete their information from Google Maps timeline and location history. This would add another layer of privacy control for users.

What is the incognito mode?

The incognito mode is designed in the same model as the incognito mode on most web browsers. Google Chrome had included this feature since its launch in 2008. It is basically a privacy feature that lets users search online without having the search history added to their personal Google account information.

While in incognito mode, not only is your search history and navigation private, it also means you will not receive any personalized recommendations based on your previous location history. Some features like Commute, Location Sharing, Offline Maps, and Media integration are not available while you are in incognito mode. For SEO in Dubai, this implies providing more relevant content for users based on personalized location content.

An important point to remember is that turning on incognito mode in Google Maps does not affect the way your data is collected or used by Internet Service Providers or Google services like voice search.

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