Keeping up with the latest trends in digital marketing is crucial for maintaining steady business growth, as any digital marketing company in Dubai would advise you. One missed update can lead to poor SERP and web traffic performance in just a day. Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and companies are looking to increase customer traffic as best as they can in the changing landscape of digital marketing. 
We talked to leading marketing experts and here are some digital marketing developments you need to keep an eye out for in 2020.

digital marketing companies in Dubai

Why digital marketing is going strong

Technological developments have greatly contributed to the advancement of digital marketing to a great extent, undoubtedly. But technology itself does not drive marketing – there needs to be an analyst, a marketer and so on to review strategies and execute them the right way. Here are some of the main factors that drive digital marketing in the 21st century.

Customer-data accessibility

There is an abundance of user-data available to marketers, and this data is easily accessible and readily available by demography, behavior and geographical location. With this data, digital marketing companies in Dubai can determine who your audience is, what they search for, what part of your business interests them and the way they interact in the online space.
The simple availability of raw data itself does not mean much though. Data management systems collect, filter and sort this data qualitatively to help you manage your marketing campaigns much more efficiently. This is an area where an SEO company in Dubai can work wonders for your company. A deeper understanding of high-quality retrieval can help you reach your audience more easily, increasing your turnover rate in the process.

Multi-channel Marketing

Before digital marketing came along, companies relied on broadcast media like the television and newspapers to get across to their customers. Although their contribution to the growth of marketing cannot be ignored, the ROI for these channels remains ambiguous at best.
Digital marketing combines the marketing potential of social media, email, advertisements and search engine optimization. This, along with the availability of customer-data makes it possible for a digital marketing agency in Dubai to generate more personalized campaigns based on users’ unique preferences and online activity so that you can reach your customers more easily.

Verifiable returns on marketing

The proliferation of technology in digital marketing makes it easier for a digital marketing agency in Dubai to prove that their work generates revenue for its clients. Conversion tracking tools make it possible for you to determine online customer engagements with your company and the various factors that lead to more conversions. This makes it easier to balance marketing budgets based on previous returns, providing more incentive and opportunity for innovative marketing campaigns.

Personalized content

Personalization is still an unexplored terrain for most big companies. If you look at online retail companies, the success of their business results from their ability to analyze customer behavior and promote products that relate to a customer’s purchase or search history. The main idea is to suggest personalized recommendations based on previous engagements.

digital marketing companies in Dubai
Consumers expect a certain level of personalization from companies, and they are reasonably satisfied if the online content is tailored to reflect their particular interests. This is facilitated by better user-data collection technology, which makes it easier to track user preferences across online platforms.

Influencer marketing

It’s simple: users trust social media influencers than companies – for one because a person would seem more reliable than a faceless company. Studies have shown that female consumers would consult social media trends before choosing a product. Now companies can use social media themselves, and as Wendy’s have demonstrated, create a unique online presence with content that matches user preferences.
Influencer marketing bypasses this need altogether, generating user traffic through social media influencers directly. The success of this kind of marketing depends on positive feedback from customers, so customer retention too, plays an important role in marketing strategies.

Video marketing

Marketing relies on attracting the attention of customers so that conversion can take place. And it is quite obvious to anyone that reading an essay about a product is less interesting than watching an advertisement for it. Many companies use video marketing on channels like YouTube to present their products in action. It is both cost-effective and attracts a lot of traffic and engagement, boosting the brand image, increasing sales. 

Content marketing strategies

Creating relevant and engaging content optimized for your customers helps bring in more user-traffic. Content marketing is integral to digital marketing since it costs much less than outbound marketing while generating three times as many leads, and about six times as many conversions. Digital marketing companies in Dubai recommend investing in user-based content creation over advertisements on your websites since a lot of users would be using ad blockers. Relevant content means reliable content, and this boosts the brand image of the company and makes users relate to your company more easily.

Voice Search

Smartphone technology is moving away from a purely touch-based interface to voice-based actions. Voice assistants like Google, Siri, and Alexa not only search online but also perform various tasks, essentially enabling a mobile-free environment.
From a digital marketing perspective, voice search is increasingly becoming more sophisticated, integrating Artificial Intelligence to deliver value-based content directly to consumers. This means advertising can be made more effective and personalized by targeting voice-search applications.

Hire professional digital marketing companies in Dubai

Wide-reaching changes in the digital marketing landscape would naturally necessitate changes in your marketing strategies as well. It would be a good idea to invest in a professional digital marketing agency in Dubai, one that is rightly familiar with your projected business goals.

digital marketing companies in Dubai
Azinova Technologies helps you deal with any challenges in a constantly evolving digital marketing environment. We have years of expertise working with a variety of businesses across different industries, boosting their digital presence to increase their outreach. We provide nothing short of groundbreaking digital marketing strategies for all our clients, putting your business goals first.

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