The Google algorithms are always in a flux, and though they are no mystery, they can be quite complicated to understand. Instead of trying to wrap your head around the complex Google algorithms, you can choose to implement certain techniques that are guaranteed to have a good effect on SEO and SEO Dubai rankings in 2018. Certain techniques that were good SEO techniques in 2018 would not be worth it in 2018, and some of them would be actually bad for you, that is why we have developed some really good techniques that are certain to give you a boost to your website and SEO efforts.

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If your pages really attract the viewer and lead to them being there for quite a long time, then Google is sure to be biased towards your page. The level of engagement that a page garners has a direct effect on the way Google ranks the websites as it is an indication that the page contains useful information.


Gone are the days when Google only used to think about content with the highest amount of keyword density, what Google also takes into account these days is the in-depth quality of the content. If you have pages that are raking well, then if you were to add more quality content, then Google is definitely going to give it a bigger lift.


One of the things that you should do to get viewer attraction is to create videos with good descriptions and optimized titles. This is the type of SEO is called video SEO, and when you optimize your video with these SEO Tactics, you are sure to get yourself highlighted in Google as well, because as you know, Google owns YouTube.


It is found that site users have a very attention span, and if you not able to load the site in the first 3 seconds, then the chances that they are not going to stick around till it loads; therefore you will need to get your site loading speed up quite dramatically.


Like I’d said previously, you will need to create in-depth and quality content, where the focus should not be on injecting keywords but rather to get the right topics inside of the content and to have it targeted to the right audience. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should abandon keywords entirely; you can use them in smaller amounts.


Backlinks are still imperative for building rankings. Without backlinks, there is no way that your website is going to rank well. However, that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and create just any kind of backlinks like user comments that can be flagged as spam. These links can be quite harmful to you.


You should reflect on whether the techniques that you’ve been using are working or not, and in order to ascertain that it is quite good to do reporting and analytics of your own strategies. Google Analytics will give you a lot of indication on how to make this work, and you can utilize the various metrics there to create new and better strategies.


There will be a lot of technical things that you have to get it right, and if you were to just ignore all of then you are not going to get your rankings up because you are going to get blacklisted by Google. Any issue such as a 404 Error or an HTTPS redirect is going to affect your rankings and SEO. Creating a technical perfect website is half of the work.

Local SEO

If you are having a local establishment where you wish to attract predominantly the local customers, then you are going to have to rely on Local SEO, which is still an effective SEO technique. Local listings in directories with updated information will go a long way in you making an appearance in geographical searches.

Guest Posting

This is still effective as long as the content that is posted is of good quality. You can offer to write a guest blog on some other’s website, or you could choose to pay some really good blogger to come around and write a blog for you. Guest posting will work as long as the quality of the content is good enough that people are compelled to stay and read it.



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