What is marketing according to Digital Marketing companies in Dubai?

Marketing is all about selling a product or a service with the help of research and advertisements to someone, what I stated here is but a simple definition of what marketing essentially is. All of us have indulged and exposed ourselves to marketing of one form or the other throughout our lives yet it’s difficult to explain what exactly marketing is to a third person.

How marketing works according to Digital marketing companies in Dubai

The aim of marketing is about creating enough buzz surrounding a product or service to increase its sales. According to Jobs theory or Jobs to be done theory people have needs and requirements and they will avail the service you are offering or the product you are selling if it were to fulfill their needs and requirements. And how do you reach out to people, this is where advertisement comes in. Advertisement is all about conveying the information about your product or services to your customers and throughout the years it has changed.

How marketing and the type of content they used has evolved over the years

In ancient times in countries like India and China, sellers persuaded buyers with their persuasive communication skills, and as time progresses the mode of marketing also changed. Coins, paintings, Greek pottery were all used for promoting different one type of product or choices or the other. People used mediums like pottery, hieroglyphs, etc. to explain about the services or the products they were selling. With the start of the industrial revolution, mass production came into being and with that began the new form of marketing that we are all familiar with.

We began to use billboards, newspapers, and magazines to endorse our products. As technology progressed we began to use radios, TV’s telephones, etc. for marketing. With the coming of mediums like billboards, marketers came up with catchy ads for their services and products in order to make an impact on the consumer’s mindset. With each new medium, marketers could reach out to more people, make them aware of the services or the product with better ad content and as a result sales started to skyrocket.

content marketing

All this changed with the beginning of the internet revolution, the internet created by Tim Bernes Lee was initially used by computer geeks and scientists. However, with the coming of websites like Yahoo, Google, eBay etc. the world was beginning to see a form of marketing that was way different from the form of marketing which was practiced till then. Unlike in other forms of marketing in digital marketing content is the king so to attract more customers we have to come up with more engaging content.

What is Content and why Digital marketing Companies in Dubai Think it’s important.

Content exists around us in one form or the other, everything from the menus in your local restaurant to the demo video for your new I phone fill the definition of content. Any material that is associated with the sale of a product or a service can be considered as content. Since content is an essential part of marketing we could generalize “with great content comes great leads”.

To inform our customers- If we were to put informative content in our websites like demo videos, descriptions of various processes associated with the service or products for the services we are providing them. With better information at hand, your customers will be able to make more informed decisions.

 You rank better in Google- If you were to populate your websites with original content which has been integrated with your keywords and in accordance with the Google Pigeon algorithm update your website will rank high in search engine rankings.

Digital marketing companies in Dubai are using blog posts, eBook’s, and whitepapers to increase their SERP rankings.

Better content more links- People are generally attracted to more engaging and attractive content, so the more engaging your content the more traffic you can, in turn, generate to your website. By creating more awesome content, other websites will create back links to your website and with more back links, you will rank better in Google.

Engaging and shareable content in social media- No matter what kind of business you run, it’s important that you have a social media presence so that you can engage more with your customers. With social media site like FB, Twitter, Instagram you can create and share stories, pins, and blogs to convey useful information to your customers in an engaging and fun way.

Nowadays digital marketing companies in Dubai are using social media to effectively engage with their target audience. With the help of social media sites companies can post informative and engaging posts regarding the features of the product or services they are selling for their target audience to see.

More content=More Conversions- When it comes to digital marketing conversions matter more than clicks, whether it is buying a TV or hiring a house maid we make our decisions on the basis of information available at hand. So providing more useful information about your product or services in your web site and social media sites you can turn more clicks into conversions.

The more engaging the content the more effective conversion you will be able to make, this is why digital marketing companies in Dubai are coming up with more content for their audience.

Great content will make you an industry leader- If you start creating quality content regarding the domain of you’re the service or product you are dealing with, your reputation will rise among your peers and target audience. If you come up with witty, eye-catching and engaging content you can drive more traffic to your website and in gradually you can become an influencer in your domain of expertise.

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These are the reasons why most of the digital marketing companies in Dubai are coming up with more engaging content for their targeted audiences.


What are the different types of content used by Digital marketing companies in Dubai?

Content exists in multiple forms in the Digital world everything from FB ads, blog posts to eye-catching info graphs all fits into the description of the content.

Blogging- Blogging still remains the favorite of Content marketers when it comes to driving more organic traffic to your websites and boosting the websites SERP rankings. According to a study conducted by Forbes magazine having a blog attached to your websites increases the chance of your website to end up on the first page of Google. Blogging is nowadays used extensively by digital marketing companies in Dubai and around the world therefore, that their websites will rank better in Google SERP rankings.

Websites can create informative blog posts to target their target audience, which doubles up as a way to attract more traffic to your websites and increase your credibility in your respective domain.

Videos- If an FB banner ad can speak 1000 words about your product imagine what a video can do for you. According to a web survey conducted by Google video is the most consumed type of content on the digital world, as one third of the content consumed in the internet are videos. According to Bright cove, videos can increase 157% more organic traffic to your website and can increase people’s time spent on your website by 105%. The more time you people spent on your website the more chances you have in converting your visitors to happy customers.

Both Digital marketing and Software companies in Dubai are posting short clips about their products to engage more with their targeted audience and thereby drive more traffic to their websites.

Info graphics- Marketing is all about making you educating your customers on what kind of services and products you are offering and how different it is from that offered by your rivals. With the rise of platforms like pinterest, info graphics remains to be the best way to educate your customer about the type of services you are offering. By using info graphics with eye catching visuals you can break down complex processes into a digestible format which can help people understand better.

Because of the popularity of Pins among the youngsters Digital marketing companies in Dubai are coming up with informative pins that explain about the features of a product or a service in lewd and simple way to their audience and followers.

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E-Book’s- E-Book is an effective way to let your customers understand your knowledge and expertise you are having in your respective domain. The eBook’s you are providing in your websites should not be brief like a blog instead it should address the challenges faced by your target audience and should provide answers to their questions.

E-Book’s are an effective type of long-form content used by Digital marketing companies in Dubai and everywhere to build their reputation among their peers and to engage more with their targeted audiences.

White papers- White papers are a type of long form content that can serve as a lead magnet; white papers are similar to eBook’s but filled with more data and information. E-Book’s are effective for B2C companies however, or B2B company’s whitepapers are more useful in attracting prospective clients.

According to the Demandgen report of 2017 about 76% of customers are willing to share their content with their sellers if they were to receive a whitepaper from them.  This is the reason why most of the software companies in UAE are allowing their visitors to download white papers from their websites. From all this we can conclude that content is the undisputed champion of the digital world, nowadays the way you reach out to your audience is as much or even more important than the quality of service you deliver.

It’s only with great content you will be able to make your audience come to you. If you are a company in Dubai and you are looking forward to expand your presence in the digital world then you need to hire a digital marketing company in Dubai who understands the pulse and psychology of the consumers of the Middle East, this is where Azinova can help you whether it’s to create killer content or making informative info graphics, we can help you.

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