Pinterest is a social platform that allows people to create boards that they can populate with pins, the pins are videos and images which you can post in your own board or that of others. Pinterest is a platform where people are identified by their interests, lifestyle choices, etc. Therefore, In Pinterest you will be able to find people who have tastes, likes and interests similar to that of yours. Apart from finding people with similar interests to that of yours, you will also be able to follow your friend’s boards, like and comment on their pins, re pin them on your boards or even share with others through other social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.


Despite being a newer entrant in the social media bandwagon, Pinterest is very popular among business people, a reason why many of the online marketing services in UAE are using Pinterest to reach out to their followers.

Why do digital marketing companies in Dubai think Pinterest is different?

Pinterest is not like other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, In Facebook, you will be able to upload content in the form of videos and images which can be seen others, you can post comments on other’s content which in turn can be seen by your friends and followers. However, with Pinterest as the name hint’s it’s like a board where you can pin down your interests which you can refer at a later time.

This is the main reason why Pinterest name doesn’t show up in the news for all the bad reasons like data leaks, privacy issues etc. It’s just a place where people can share their ideas and find others who share their similar interests.

Primary users of Pinterest

Politicians love twitter, Celebrities love Instagram and women love Pinterest. According to data, almost 80 percent of users of Pinterest are women.

Mumtaz and her love for Pinterest

Mumtaz is your regular middle-aged Arab woman she is not tech savvy or anything but a regular Android smartphone. Unlike her friends Mumtaz doesn’t use FB twitter or even YouTube for the matter, but she is an avid user of Pinterest. What could a 50 yr. old women find so interesting about an app used by people to share interesting pins and videos. Mumtaz uses Pinterest for a lot of things, from finding out a recipe for making an apple pie to a creative way of dealing with household wastes. For Mumtaz, Pinterest is like a pin board she used back in her office days, in which she pinned ideas that came to her for future reference. Similarly, Pinterest allows her to pin down things that interest her, things that she finds interesting, etc. Similar to Mumtaz millions of women all over the world use Pinterest for similar reasons.

Why women are frequent users of Pinterest than men

Women are more frequent users of Pinterest than men can be traced back to the common notion that women are more organized than men, women when compared to men, are more prone to list making and are generally more organized. So it shouldn’t be a big surprise that women are more frequent users of an app that allows them to pin and share ideas.


Why digital marketing companies in Dubai love Pinterest so, much

Digital marketing companies in Dubai like Pinterest so, much because it’s one of the best platforms to promote your business in the online world. According to Marketing Analysts Pinterest has driven 33 percent more traffic than Facebook and the average life span of a Pin is far greater than that of a post. This is one of the many reasons why online marketing services in Dubai and around the world are relying on Pinterest to reach out to their followers and customers.

LinkedIn is a good place for you to find work and build your network, Facebook and Instagram are good for generating followers and promoting your business but with Pinterest you can take your business to a whole new league as Pinterest is the biggest driver of website traffic in the world.

You all must have heard of the phrase “a picture speaks 1000 words” that’s exactly what makes Pinterest such a killer marketing tool. In Pinterest you can promote anything from your blog to your new movies poster with the help of good graphic images. When you share your content with Pinterest people who are interested in what you are selling will come across your pins, if it’s pretty catchy they will click on it and if they were to spot your link they will click on it and come to your website.

The half-life of a pin is 3.5 months (half-life is the time it takes for the pin to get 50 percent engagement) a tweet’s half-life is 24 minutes and a Facebook posts half-life is 90 minutes. Which means half-life of a pin is 1680 times longer than that of a Facebook post. Thereby giving you a lot of time to reach out to your target audience.

Why Pinterest is the darling child of online marketing services

  • Converts more browsers to buyers- The whole point of digital marketing or marketing for the matter is to drive in more sales. Think of Pinterest as a visual search engine that reduces the number of steps from the discovery stage to the conversion stage. By reducing the number of steps we make the customer journey easier and comfortable thereby leading to more conversions.
  • Good traffic-Compared to other social media channels, Pinterest is a better driver of website traffic than Facebook or Instagram. When it comes to Pinterest there is only 1 rule rich pins=more traffic. This is one of the main reasons why Software companies in Dubai and online marketing services are coming with more and more richer pins (original pins).


  • Find out about your audience’s interests-The best thing about Pinterest is that it gives you insights on your target audience. With Pinterest you can learn what drives your audience and armed with that knowledge you can target them with better offers. Companies in Dubai who provide online marketing services are extensively using Pinterest to better understand their customers so they can target them better.
  • Very high user engagement-According to a social media survey pins are 80 % more viral and 3x more effective than twitter 4x more effective than Facebook for getting leads.

What more reasons do you need to start using Pinterest to promote your business? Whether it’s a brick and mortar store selling branded t-shirts or a boutique selling designer jewelry or a software company in Dubai, you can use Pinterest to promote your business and drive in more sales to your store.

Whether you are a software company in Dubai offering cutting edge software or someone looking for the services of online marketing services in UAE to expand your business in the digital world reach out to us at We can help you make a solid footing in the digital world, generate more quality leads and help you take your business to the next level.

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