CX or customer experience can be defined as the various interaction a customer has with a particular brand or business. According to digital marketing companies in Dubai that provides e-commerce services, the key to retain your customers is to provide them with unique experience services by leveraging the latest techniques in the world of marketing like social media marketing, search advertising etc. The latest of these techniques employed by innovative digital marketing agencies in UAE like us is called geo marketing or location-based strategies.

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What is geo-marketing and how you can leverage it to improve your business according to digital marketing companies in Dubai

Location-based marketing or geo-marketing is not a new concept, seasonal business-men have always understood the importance of marketing their products or services to people belonging to a particular locality to maximize their profits.

In the olden day’s businesses used to send flyers and emails to people in a particular locality informing them about their product, its features, and its price slash to prompt them for a purchase. With changing times we have to change our marketing strategies to suit the times. This is the reason why digital marketing companies in Dubai are using location based strategies to improve their customer’s business. Till now you must have come across the term location based strategies in this blog post a couple of times so before we move further lets properly define what exactly are location-based strategies.

According to Mr Nishan, a marketing executive at a popular digital marketing company in the UAE,

Location-based strategies can be defined as a set of online and offline tactics designed to help business plan and implement marketing activities directed at a consumer’s belonging to a particular geographic location.

Why digital marketing companies in Dubai are using location-based strategies

Digital marketing companies in the UAE are nowadays incorporating location based strategies into their marketing strategies for their clients irrespective of their size, because of two reasons. One it’s relatively easy to implement, second, it provides a greater Return on investment.

To generate more business

At its core the goal of every marketing technique is to reach out to more customers, expand their customer base and generate more profits. Nowadays thanks to the penetration of the internet and smartphone, people all around the world are providing their location data to websites and mobile apps. Armed with this location data, digital marketing companies in Dubai are coming up with smart and innovative ads targeted at consumers who belonged to a particular location which in turn will increase your chances of converting them into customers.

Market segmentation made more easier

Market segmentation is the process by which you group your customers on the basis of shared interests, activities, attributes, etc. We can identify our target audience in a number of ways, however, among them ones of the most effective one is to identify them on the basis of their location.

According to Mr Faizal, who works provides consultant services to a number of popular digital marketing companies in Dubai thinks the location is the best way to identify your target audience as you can roll out digital ad’s that’s unique to a particular area.

This is why more and more people are hiring digital marketing companies in UAE, that utilize geo- marketing in their marketing tactics, to rollout specific targeted ads and propaganda targeted at consumers who belonged to a particular location.

Location based marketing

Providing better ROI

The primary goal of any business is to increase it’s ROI. During a recent digital marketing conference held in Dubai, which was attended by the heads of all prominent Digital marketing companies in UAE

It was discussed that collecting, analyzing and utilizing location-based data will help you generate more engagement with your customers by sending them digital ads targeted at a particular group with special promotions and discounts.

How digital marketing companies in Dubai are using location based strategies to transform small businesses in Dubai

By making use of local SEO

Companies that specialize in providing goods or services targeted at a specific location can greatly benefit by making use of local SEO techniques. Local SEO techniques are all about enlisting your business in the local SERPS with the help of services like Google my business listing.

Since 46% of searches are made with local intent, digital marketing companies in UAE are creating location-specific content on their website and encouraging their clients to ask their customers to post 5 star reviews highlighting the pros of their enterprise.

By posting regular online 5-star reviews, photos you can end up in the local pack or the 3-pack, this is the block of 3 business listings that gets displayed when you make a search with local intent in Google like for egs: ”restaurant’s near me”.

According to Jose Robert a renowned digital marketing specialist in Dubai, you can generate more traffic to your website by getting your website listed in the local pack, which you can accomplish by creating a

Google My Business profile.

PPC ads using Geo-targeting

Pay per click is the favorite technique used by digital marketing companies in Dubai, to generate more conversions for their clients.

By making use of Geo-targeting or location-based strategies digital marketing companies in Dubai can target a specific group of people with custom ads based on their location.

The main benefit of utilizing location-based strategies for your business, therefore people outside your target location wont click on their ad.

Use location tags

Location tags are used by social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram to filter their content based on location.

By tagging a post to a particular location, your post will show up in the searches of people when they are looking for photos belonging to a particular location.

location based strategies

Suppose you are running a restaurant in Dubai, to promote your dishes you can take their pics and post them with their location tags set.

So the next time when someone is looking for that particular dish your pic will appear before them automatically without any additional costs.

This is why digital marketing companies in Dubai are tagging their clients with location tags, so they can increase the number of organic impressions for their posts.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of utilizing location-based strategies for your marketing efforts.

The next time you try to promote your business in the online world, make sure the digital marketing company that you have hired to promote your business is using the latest techniques in the world of digital marketing to promote your business.

In the business world decisiveness is everything, so for maximizing your impressions and conversions come to Azinova the best digital marketing company in Dubai, the one-stop destination for all your digital needs.

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