You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

Buckminster Fuller, Inventor

From robotics to edge computing, 2020 is witnessing colossal technological changeover. At present, new opportunities in technology are unfolding at such a fast moving pace. Continual learning is something that keeps techies competitive in the field of rapidly changing technologies. From robotic process automation to augmented reality, the latest advancement of these technologies are opening up continuously wider opportunities in the field of IT.

What are the hot technology trends for 2020? Here are some of the top technology changeovers that hit 2020 according to the top software companies in Dubai.

Internet of Things(IoT)

An amazing technology that is into 2020 is IoT or Internet of Things where millions and millions of physical gadgets or devices on a globe scale can be connected to the internet. IoT connects devices with unique identifiers(UIDs) where over the internet, these devices can transfer data real time without any human interaction. You can connect a miniature chip to a massive server space. Availability of abundance of low cost chips and sensors, and easy availability to access the internet made IoT a resolute trend. IoT is implemented in various applications such as wearable devices, factory digitalization, healthcare, vehicles and industrial automation and more. 


The next caught on the list is Blockchain, invented by Satoshi Nakamoto is an expanding list of records. They are known as blocks. It uses cryptography that links these blocks with the help of hash tables. Blockchain technology is about to spunk a modernized version of the internet. In simple terms, block chain promotes a clever approach of passing data between two nodes or blocks efficiently, safely and automatically, where one party initiates the process of block creation, this block is then added to a chain to access it over the net. It was introduced for bitcoin for its public transaction ledger. A more interesting fact is that blockchain requires no transaction cost. For example, when we book movie tickets or make any transaction, they charge us some transaction cost as an additional charge. Blockchain eliminates such issues to a greater extent. 

Machine Learning

The next one in the list is machine learning. Even though it is not something new in the technology world, machine learning is not in the same seat as when it emerged. As a result of the emergence of brand new computing technologies, machine learning also adopted a lot of advancements. Machine learning is implemented in many fields including financial services, transportation, retail industry and in the government. From supervised and unsupervised training, natural language processing, regressions and vectors, machine learning overtures great many perks. ML applications are widely used by many best software companies in uae. Machine learning is applied in a lot of things we see in everyday life – Netflix, Twitter, Amazon and a lot more. There are many applications that make sure of machine learning for logins such as ZoOm Login and BioID.

Robotic Process Automation or RPA

Many software companies in Dubai are turning to this rising trend called Robotic Process Automation. The major advantages of adopting RPA is that they can cut down costs and streamline their enterprise actions, and also serve more time for their customers. This is what allows top software companies in Dubai to open the door for Robotic process automation(RPA), to provide a quiet and vigorous business automation software solution. Anyone can configure a computer software or a robot. You can create your own implementing robotic process automation. RPA implemented bots are bots that can be configured to perform specific tasks. These bots can learn and they can be cloned.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

ARVR is one of the top technology trends of 2020. Blending the features of an interactive environment by a computer generated simulation, augmented reality and virtual reality implements an interactive space that looks like the real world and this is what makes ARVR more striking in 2020. Virtual reality proved its presence in the world of technology by creating a bridge between the physical and digital world. If you want to explore more about virtual reality and augmented reality, Please visit our previous blog by clicking on the following link 5G To revolutionize AR/VR among software companies in Dubai

Edge Computing

An emerging technology that cuts down major factors like bandwidth and latency or response time is becoming popular in 2020 is edge computing. This distributed computing model works to bear computing and information stockpile closer to the location where it is required. Other than saving bandwidth, the factors that made top software companies in Dubai choose edge computing is reliability, scalability and also privacy. The advancement of 5G and IoT devices  are accelerating edge computing to support real time applications such as robotic, analytics and artificial intelligence, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is in the technological field since years and still it is one of the most hyped trends. Implementing self learning and problem solving capability to machines to provide an interactive environment. Artificial intelligence is at present the leading trend for Digital marketing company UAE. Want to know more about how  artificial intelligence and how AI influence digital marketing? Here is the link to our previous blog AI And ChatBots – Hot Trends for Digital marketing companies in Dubai

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