Tips from Software Companies in Dubai To Boost Productivity When You Work From Home

Top Software Companies in Dubai expertly follow some great work from home tips to keep their employees more focused and productive when working from home.Even though working from home has become a popular trend these years and most companies give their employees the choice of working from home under certain circumstances. Due to the world-wide outbreak of COVID-19, many software companies in Dubai accord their employees the choice of work from home.

Software Companies in Dubai

Working from home is a great idea, right? Getting up just 5 minutes before the work starts, enjoying a cup of coffee and straight to work! No more traffic delays to the office, no dress code, no make up, you can enjoy homely food anytime. When you think of working from home, these may be a few thoughts that will fill up your mind. Ofcourse, it puts an end to your daily commuting, thus saving some of your travelling time and expenses, but how about improving work productivity when you work from home? It is also agreeable that there can be many reasons to distract you at home which are not present in your office space. 

How to deal with distractions when you work from home? How can you make your home a productive workspace? Give your best when working from home. Here is a compiled list of some amazing work from home techniques to improve productivity of employees and keep them more focused to work.

Choose a dedicated workspace

It is an expert recommended tip to designate a place to work when you choose working from home. If you prefer the same spot to sleep, eat and work, for example, your bed, then your mind and body automatically will have a feeling that you are at home for a day off and your mind set will be accordingly. So dedicate a special space in your home as your workspace. Settle yourself with your laptop and all other work equipment in your workspace and start working. Everyday when you start and end your work from the same place, it will set your mind that it is the place where you work and your brain, your mind, the whole body will tend to work.

Set boundaries to stay away from distractions

Surround yourself with everything your work requires, not with things that distract you. Your calls, social media, entertainment, pets, family distractions – all of these can distract you from your work. Research shows that around 2% of remote working employees find it too difficult to pay attention to work compared to employees who work from the office due to distracting factors. Make sure you stay away from most distracting corners in your home. Instead you can choose a peaceful space inside or outside your home. It is recommended to stay away from bed or couch as they can make you lazy and cozier. 

Follow a work routine

It is important to create a work schedule and follow it. When you go to the office, there is a specific time table you follow from waking up in the morning till you go to bed at night. When it is a day-off, you may sleep for more time, and from the beginning of the day itself, the change in your routine will help your mind to realize that it is not a work day. Similarly, if you’re at home and if you follow a routine, regular sleep time, work time and food habits, your body will release hormones accordingly to help you get a better sleep, you can get up in the morning at regular time and makes you more focused and productive. It also helps you follow a work-life balance in your life.

Take breaks

Some distractions are vital to clear your mind and ease off work stress. You can take a few minutes break to listen to your favorite song or go for a walk, play with your pets or spend time with your family.  Some people use youtube, or use social media when they take a break. The problem with these is they are more addictable and employees may waste their work time spending on these mediums. A more productive approach for remote employees recommended by experts is to spend some leisure time with your family or go for a walk with your pet in your work breaks as these approaches can get you relaxed, and it can re-energize your mind to make you more productive.

Follow the Pomodoro Technique

This is an efficient method developed for managing time without taking stress. Many working people across the globe find it successful to follow the Pomodoro Technique created by Francesco Cirillo. Top software companies in Dubai recommend Pomodoro Technique as one of the most amazing time management techniques where we can use a timer to break down tasks into work intervals or breaks, usually it runs as a 25 minute timer that is separated by short intervals. Here are the steps of how to follow the Pomodoro Technique.

  1. Select your task.
  2. You can work on a specific task for 25 minutes.
  3. Once you have completed 25 minutes on the task, you can check mark it on a sheet of paper or use your own way.
  4. Take a break for 5 minutes. Once you have completed this, you’ve completed a ‘Pomodoro Sprint’.
  5. Complete four Pomodoro sprints and take a longer break.
  6. Continue this until you finish off the work for the day.  

Follow these tips to focus on work when you work from home and boost your productivity and maintain a work-life balance.

Software Companies in Dubai

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