Top website development companies Dubai about the best WooCommerce and WordPress plugins to improve the performance of your online store.

Website Development Companies Dubai

WooCommerce, the open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress transforms your website into an amazing online store.

Why WordPress And WooCommerce Plugins?

 Top website development companies says the availability of a wide range of highly customizable no coding required plugins, both free and paid options help you to seamlessly run your online store. That is the reason why they are the most favorite option among web design Dubai Companies. Here are some of the reasons web designing companies Dubai says why you need WooCommerce Plugins for your online store.

  •  WooCommerce plugs can fit any budget
  • Easy to integrate 
  • They provide improved security
  • Plugs are highly customizable
  • Offers analytic tools
  • A lot of flexibility
  • Community support
  • Growth Opportunities

 Best Plugin Picks For Your Online Store

 So let’s get started and get into detail on how these amazing plugins improve your website’s performance. Website development companies Dubai recommends to enable advanced security methods for your web hosting service to protect your WordPress online store.


 iThemes Plugins protect your website from brute force attacks. This security plugin uses automated software to decode user credentials. iThemes are efficient in preventing attacks from hackers who have already attacked other sites from entering your online store.


 The plugin is free and paid plans available from $80/year.


Printful Integration

Printful Integration is a dropshipping plugin for print-on-demand service. This plugin enables you to add pecks of products to WooCommerce stores. In the WooCommerce dashboard, you can monitor orders placed, revenue, and profit statistics.

When your customer buys a product from your online store, Printful Integration has the capability to automatically import it and then fulfill and ship it to your customers under your brand name.

Another amazing feature of Printful Integration stated by top website companies Dubai is the Printful Personalization Tool where your shoppers have the option to design their own products, says experts from Website Development Companies Dubai.


 The plugin is free to install and only needs to pay when a new order comes in.



Updraftplus is an amazing WordPress backup plugin. If someone hacks your WordPress website, your website goes all darker. The Updraftplus plugin helps to restore hours of hard work in just a few clicks. You can back up into any cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

With this plugin, you can also set up an automatic backup schedule according to your preference.


 The plugin is free and premium plans available from $70/year.


YITH Zoom Magnifier For WooCommerce

Before purchasing anything from a physical store, what we all do is to keenly observe the product to make sure that it matches our requirements. With YITH Zoom Magnifier, it is possible for you to create a similar interaction for your products.

YITH Zoom Magnifier is a plugin that allows you to add zoom-in features to your product images. Your customers will get an option to inspect every minute detail of your product. The plugin works well with mobile and desktops.


 The plugin is free and paid plans available from $60/year.


YITH Wishlist For WooCommerce

Wishlists are where your customers keep what they like to purchase in the future. You can use the YITH Wishlist Plugin to enable wishlist in your online store, and thus, you can measure the interest for products, and use it to boost sales. Customers can create and also share their wishlist on various social media platforms.


 The plugin is free and paid plans available from $90/year.

 Website Development Companies Dubai

Elementor Page Builder

Writing tons of code is the most strenuous thing to do when it comes to website development. The Elementor Page Builder saves a lot of coding time if you are designing from scratch. This is a drag and drop builder with 30 basic widgets that help you to design responsive landing pages in stunning designs, and that is why the plugin has become a friend to several web design Dubai Companies.


 The plugin is free and paid plans available from $49/year.


Yoast SEO

Once you have your stunning WordPress website ready, the next process is to bring in visitors to your website. Without visitors, your website is of no use. Improving organic searches is something that needs to be focused on. Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that helps you to improve your SEO.

Want to know some expert tips from digital marketing companies in Dubai to boost your facebook organic search, then check out our previous blog here.

The plugin helps your store to appear in related search engine queries. With Yoast SEO, you can analyze your content to check various parameters such as readability, duplication, keywords, and more.


 The plugin is free and paid plans available from $89/year.


Customer Reviews For WooCommerce

Client’s testimonials and verified reviews create social proof for your products. Customer reviews demonstrate how customers engage with your brand and the experience with products. Reviews are the best option to bring more sales to your business.

Customer Reviews is an automatic review remainder plugin that will send review reminders to your customers who recently made a purchase from your eCommerce website.


 The plugin is free and paid plans available from $7.99/year + VAT.



Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that is an ultimate toolkit provided and hosted by WordPress. It enables security, site management, and improves the performance of your online store.

Another option of Jetpack is the lazy loading of images that delays loading of the images until your visitor scrolls to the part of the page they want to visit. Thus, creating a smooth browsing experience for your visitors, and leaving a good customer impression about your website.


 The plugin is free with core features and paid plans available from $3.50/month.


Popup Maker

Last but not least, it’s the Popup Maker plugin that helps to grow your email list. You can bring your latest deals to your customers with the help of captivating on-screen messages by Popup Maker. According to web designing companies Dubai, the Plugin is very flexible and helps you to create any type of popup for your website. It also helps to design content overlays with specific targeting conditions and click triggers.


 The plugin is free and paid plans available from $15/month.


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