SEO is a hot topic in the online world, and businesses in Dubai pay millions of AED each month to rank their websites at the top of Google.

Every year, Google makes numerous changes to its search algorithm to provide the best search results to its users.

The good and structured content that you deliver will help you rank your websites higher on Google.

Through this blog, we will discuss with you a new product called ChatGPT. What is it? and how it will benefit SEO.

ChatGPT was founded by OpenAI, the most popular research company in AI and machine learning.

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that can help you generate content for your SEO.

But still, an important question arises here: is it good to use AI-generated content for your SEO, and how good is ChatGPT? Let’s find out.

About ChatGPT

ChatGPT operates on a machine learning algorithm called a “large learning model” (an AI model trained on a vast amount of data to predict the next word) and can be used to produce a large amount of content. It also has a lot of exceptional features.

Large models like GPT-3 are trained to do multiple tasks. ChatGPT has another model embedded in it to take long questions from humans and frame answers for them.


Is ChatGPT good for SEO ?

Although ChatGPT content is used to generate a large amount of content, it is good to think twice before using it for an SEO project.

Certain factors need to be considered:

  • When it comes to SEO projects, accuracy is everything, and ChatGPT has major concerns about it. The algorithm just predicts what words should follow the previous word in a phrase or paragraph, and it does not provide precise information about a topic. It is not a good sign for a serious content provider if their information is inaccurate.
  • ChatGPT is designed in such a way that it will not produce content on certain topics like violence, explosive devices, or any type of harmful thing that produces a negative impact on society.
  • It is unaware of the current events, so it cannot provide you with fresh information.
  • It requires a lot of detailed information to produce content; the more information you give this ML model, the better results you will get. Here, a high chance of plagiarism may occur because it selects random words while predicting the next word.
  • It is made to produce a certain type of content (positive ones), as discussed in the previous points; these parameters are just built into this machine to develop an output of a certain type, and speaking from the SEO point of view, it will not help much.
  • Google has always strictly identified AI-based content and ranked it lower because it wants to give its users a genuinely authentic experience when they search for particular information. Google researchers have worked successfully over the years to develop helpful algorithms for such scenarios. One of the most important research papers to support this is Adversarial Robustness of Neural-Statistical Features in the Detection of Generative Transformers, which tested what kind of analysis could detect AI-generated content that detects evasion, and here content from GPT2 and GPT3 were used. The algorithm used here was the BERT algorithm, which replaced words with synonyms.


Is it good to use AI-generated content for SEO?

  • It is always recommended not to use AI tools for content generation, as Google will detect it at some point or another and your rankings will go down due to a penalty.
  • Google cracked the problem of detecting AI-based content long ago, but still, people use AI tools, which is a bad practice for producing content, and Google has strictly given guidelines that auto-generated content violates their policy.

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