WordPress is a very popular way for designing websites these days; the fact is that about 24% of the entire world’s websites work on this platform. Therefore it is not very hard to imagine that all website designs are choosing WordPress for their very own personal websites. That being said, WordPress is not the only platform of its kind, website designs can be made on others CMS’s such Weebly, Drupal etc.; so why WordPress? Well, you know WordPress offers the webmaster with a lot of advantages that makes not only convenient but gets their business and outreach better.

The Reasons for Choosing WordPress over Others

It is pretty simple

Perhaps you would already know this because you are using the WordPress design yourself. Nevertheless, you need to be aware that perhaps no other CMS offers such a simple learning curve as WordPress. The user-friendly WordPress is perfect for any BSB business operations where you will be able to update without having to know all the technical nuances or having to contact the IT department. You would just need to login and make the edits and your website design would subsequently change with no hassles coming in between at all.

Numerous Options

With WordPress you will get to tweak your website to a great extent and add all kinds of add-ons that will make it more attractive and navigable without having to great lengths trying to code a new app into the script, just to have it break into haywire. WordPress plug-ins are the boon of the industry, and they are quite versatile.  Wordpress plug-ins can help you optimize your Meta-Data, get your website to load much faster, embed a form for queries and quotations, and much more options for you to utilize and enhance your website to the limit. There is a plug-in for every conceivable thing that you could think about changing a website’s design and incorporating elements. WordPress enables you to do that.

WordPress Support base

The WordPress support is quite extensive because the CMS has been around for quite some time, and there has been this sort of cult that has grown around it that makes it one of the hottest platforms for website design.  The community that has grown around and for WordPress is an extensive one which operates several forums for help for all those who want the help and also additional plugins and features that the webmaster can utilise for the effect. The community that is there for WordPress is will always something for you. Moreover, WordPress themselves create updates regularly to let you be in tune with the latest developments in the design circuit, you will be receiving updates immediately and these are very easy to make.

It is great for SEO

WordPress is perfect for your SEO activities. A website design that utilises website design will make it perfect for your site to be ranked higher in the Search Engine Results Page. WordPress is perfectly optimized for SEO because its very structure is built with the best practices for website designing and this makes it attractive Google’s search engines. Moreover, the plug-ins that are available for SEO, like the Meta Description, Keyword Density Checker, SEO Analysis, and other companies’ plug-in – Yoast- all give WordPress sites a certain advantage over other CMS platforms when it comes to website design that enables great rankings.

Therefore, in summary, it could be said that WordPress is the perfect tool for smooth and high feature enabled website design that does not clog up your loading time yet simultaneously gives you an attractive, SEO-friendly website with lots of support and ease of usage. Websites built on the WordPress platforms will help you create the perfect business or personal website that you can utilise to get your message forward to the rest of the online community and spill into the real world as well. It is a testament to the quality of WordPress that it is still the most popular CMC out there.



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