When you want to get a better traffic, referral, and organic traffic after you have already made the necessary changes to the website, there is the only way that you can go about it – Off-Page SEO Activities. Of course, off page activities are plenty in number and can take many forms from Social Bookmarking, Directories, Classified or Blogs. What matters is that you are able to get these contents onto sites where it is possible for other to not only view them where they are but simultaneously take a backlink towards the site where you want it to – namely your Home Page.

When you want SEO to work for you besides the SEO plans that you have implemented on your site, your off page content has to be perfect. You can have off-page by owning property of yours – such as having blogs that you have setup, social media sites where you have posted links as well as contents. It can also have content that you have paid to be written for you, such as those that are in Press Releases, Case Studies. Another Off- Page SEO Contents are those which are reactions towards your service, such as reviews or testimonials from others.

You should really try out to have some off-page content done through non-site means; because Google’s is really diversifying the way which it is having the search is done.  This means that it is also considering that is not from its own site for ranking in Google SERP. Therefore, you will have a better chance of getting recognized by Google if you were to get content into an authoritative site.

The benefits of off-site content can go even further. If you had a really good strategy working for you, then it will be possible for you to create new audiences for your services within the market. A targeted SEO campaign with off-site content can pull in people from your desired targeted group into becoming lifelong audiences.

Studies are now revealing the fact that people are arriving at their preferred destination of websites through other channels – social media or influencers. Moreover, they are relying on online reviews or testimonials before making their purchase decisions, and this is a realm where companies cannot afford to lose out on if they want to thrive. In fact, for everything concerned with SEO, the off-site content will significantly increase the domain authority as well as referral traffic.

When you are dealing with Offline Content sources such as social media, then you would have to adapt to that particular platforms way of doing things. Youtube and Pinterest operate akin to a search engine, and this makes it necessary for you to optimize the content that you have created in a way that will make it easier for it to be found on that particular platform, -you should put in descriptions, titles, and keywords into the     content, while the content itself should be optimized by being in vogue with the current trends. Creating videos that are heavily edited and created infographics will make your chances of being discovered more likely.

When it comes to paying others to write about you or create something – video, infographic – you can only try and describe a picture of what you want, it is not necessary that you will lend up to the exact thing that you had wished for. This means that if you were to ask them to write a piece about your company, you can tell some points, or ask them to do it in such and such format. But you should have chosen someone who will create relevant content that in and of itself is authoritative and will lead to a higher ranking in SEO.

After doing all the perfect off-page content optimization techniques, you might see that some of the off page content sites would rank better than you on-site pages, but this is not a cause to worry, because all the off-page content would finally have a link that reverts back to your page, and this will increase your brand awareness dramatically.


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