In the fourth that is to commence in the coming hour, there will be no more Tech Talks, as the of it have been wrapped up by yesterday, and since this is the penultimate day, a lot of the others will also see their events being wrapping up as well. Therefore the crowds for the Startup conference will be at a peak today as they try to catch the final glimpses of their successful patrons and try to get the attention of investors.

In the Vertical Talks, the subject of conversation will be retail and education. A lot of the thing will be brought into focus here on Vertical Talks. The retail section will include talks on how to create the perfect delivery system that will give a competitive advantage over others, as well as alternative ways for payment for the customer. The Education talk will focus on the usefulness of mobile phones to the education sector, as well as the viability of Games as an effective learning medium for students.

The Startup Conference will have another host of leaders from various successful start-ups come together and give speeches and talks about various topics pertaining to the start-up circuit and how to ensure that a company thrives in that environment. Many topics will be explored including one that concerns itself with that of women being leaders of the Start-up culture. This will promote the notions of gender equality, and also the future of start-ups. The conference will wrap up today.

There will be much more things to be explored in today’s GITEX 2016. There will be many more surprise revelations ahead today, as those who have been keeping their trump cards under their sleeves all the time. This is a way for you to get ahead of the curve by pitching your ideas to the who’s who of the Information Technology business arena. Let the most count, enjoy Day Four of GITEX 2016.


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