GITEX Day Three ended yesterday, and true to what we had thought, it was indeed an epic one. There was an immense crowd who participated in the exhibition and got to witness the several ranges of exhibits that were on display. The “Dubai Bot” that was unveiled yesterday got another grand reception as well, so did others exhibits including UAVs and other technological innovations that held many people’s rapt attentions, as they contemplated the fact that these things will one day become part of their daily lives.

The tech talks that had commenced had elicited quite some responses in those who were in attendance, and some of those who were in the audience did engage in some passionate exchanged with the esteemed panellists who were there. Both the subject matter was quite fiery and had everyone stimulated to a point where they expanded their imagination.

Yesterday was the day of Finance and Smart Cities, and one of the things that were of a contentious nature was Bitcoins. Although there are several other uses for the blockchain technology, which by the way has been now visualised as a way to completely transfer the entire wealth of the government into this format, the conundrum of BitCoins had some of them up in arms. Some of the people over there contested that the flux and aberrant behaviour of the currency will make it liable to be depreciated without any warning, but proponents assured that these issues were being solved.

Those who participated in the mentorship programme have been able to learn valuable lessons in how to pitch their ideas to investors. The talk by the industry experts is another part of GITEX 2016 Startup Initiative, where start-ups from all over the world have coalesced to learn their trade from those who have succeeded.


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