Now, before knowing the reason why to choose Odoo ERP solution for your business in Dubai. We should first understand what ERP is and what is Odoo ERP?

What is ERP?

ERP is known as Enterprise Resource Planning which is software and is commonly used in business to manage daily activities like manufacturing, sales, account, project management, purchasing, etc. One of the key principles of the ERP is that it is designed under a single data structure with a common database.

Odoo ERP for business Dubai

What is Odoo ERP?

Odoo was earlier known as OpenERP; in 2014 OpenERP was renamed Odoo (On Demand Open Object). Odoo is the complete business suite and is targeting companies of all sizes. Odoo has two separate versions community and enterprise. The community version is open source while the enterprise version supplements with additional features and services. Some features of Odoo ERP are project management, point of sale, CRM, sales, purchase, production management, Human Resource & Payroll, Inventory management, Smart campus, etc. Azinova Technologies provides one of the best Odoo software development company in Dubai which offers Odoo ERP Solution.

Here is the reason which lets you decide to choose Odoo ERP Solution in Dubai for your business:

Open Source:

Odoo ERP for business Dubai

Odoo is open-source software that can be downloaded for free from the internet, so there are no license fees or other hidden costs. It’s free to download and can be customized to suit your organization’s needs. This gives consumers access to the complete source code.

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Odoo ERP solution software simplifies reporting and offers more customization options. Improved reporting capabilities make it easier for organizations to respond to complex data requests. Employees can also run their own reports from the system to improve data accessibility.

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ERP systems streamline business processes, eliminate repetitive processes, and reduce the need for manual data entry. Process processes such as approvals, requests, and query faster. Our Odoo ERP solution is highly efficient. Hire Azinova for the best Odoo Software Development Company in Dubai.


Odoo paves the way for an integrated centralized ERP system that enables easier and more efficient migrations using existing ERP systems and makes management and management very intuitive and easy.

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Odoo ERP for business Dubai

Since ERP is integrated with various important functions such as accounting, sales, production, and warehousing, it is very important to adapt the platform to the needs of the organization. As open-source software, customization is one of Odoo ERP’s greatest strengths. Customized ERP is suitable for supporting your business and improving its efficiency.

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Odoo can be hosted on-site or on a cloud platform for greater impact and cost savings. This saves time, people, and infrastructure devoted to hosting on the server. Find the Odoo solution from Odoo software Development Company in Dubai.

Modular Structure:

Odoo has many business aspects and is called a module. Within Odoo, there are various modules for effective business management. You can opt-in or opt-out to integrate with the appropriate requirements. Integrating each module into the software is easy and you can easily customize these modules. The flexibility provided by Odoo ERP makes Odoo unique compared to other ERP software. Our Odoo software development company in Dubai provides various modules and is highly flexible.

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