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We are living in a mobile era, the number of people who use mobile phones to browse the internet is higher when compared to the number of desktop users. As a result, mobile channels have become new and essential tools for businesses to attract more customers. However, that’s not enough, and they also need to upgrade their mobile apps to provide a better customer experience throughout the customer journey and optimize their conversion rates. Some businesses offer both mobile apps and websites to their customers, other enterprises choose one among the two. They make the choice between mobile apps and websites based on their budget, convenience, essential functions they need, and the type of customers they have. The studies show that people prefer mobile apps more than websites and businesses should take advantage of the channel to reach more audiences. Additionally, this alone becomes a solid reason to have a dedicated mobile app for your business to reach out to potential customers. Our mobile app development service in Dubai has many advantages to make mobile apps better than mobile websites.

Here is some reason which shows that mobile app is better than websites.

1 Mobile app offers better customization

Mobile app customization lets the brand improve customer engagement by providing more relevant information to users based on their interests, location, usage behavior, and many more. As a result, it has become easier than ever before to identify and sort your target customers with a personalized experience for all. In addition, mobile apps can let users change their preferences at any point in time, they receive content based on their interests. Apps developed by our mobile app development service in Dubai can also track customer engagement then use it as fuel to push custom recommendations and updates based on the interest of the user. Moreover, you can also understand the location of the users in real-time to offer geography-based content. Additionally, improving user experience is not the only purpose of having a mobile app but the easy customization that comes with the app and also it provides a better conversion rate of apps.

2  Ease of sending notifications

Mobile app notifications are one of the most effective ways of a communication channel to businesses especially for industries like E-commerce. These notifications are classified into two, push and in-app notification. In addition, they are thrilling alternatives for other marketing platforms with app personalization in a far less intruding manner. Our mobile app development service in Dubai designs the app to send instant, notifications that can be also sent based on the user’s interest or the branding that it is one of the main reasons why many people want to have a mobile app for the business. In-app notifications are received by users while they are using the app in real-time. On the other hand, push notifications can be sent to the user’s mobile regardless of time and it is very useful to optimize the conversion. 

The mobile app is most convenient to use and is user friendly and we are the leading mobile app development company in Dubai.

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3 Taking advantage of mobile device functionality

mobile app is better than website

Mobile apps have the great advantage of effectively using the functionalities of such us camera, mobile contacts, location, sensors, and many more. These features can also improve customer engagement by providing customized deals based on customers’ preferences. For instance, customers can take photographs if required during any process. Hire our mobile app development service in Dubai that fits your business needs.

4 Ability to work offline in mobile app

mobile app is better than website

One of the biggest differences between a mobile website and an application is that the app can work even without internet connectivity. However, apps need basic internet connectivity to perform most tasks, including booking or buying.  An app can still offer basic functionalities to users even when they are not connected to the internet.

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5 Better branding experience in mobile app development

mobile app is better than websites

The mobile app is more useful when compared to a website, which also offers a better experience for the customers. People spend a considerable amount of their time on mobile phones and on various mobile app almost every day. It’s no surprise that the users come across apps that are on their devices almost every day. This everyday engagement can be effectively used for branding opportunities for the apps. In addition, even if the customers are not regularly opening your mobile application, you can send notifications to get reminded about the brand. The app icon plays a role in branding, they can be stylish and represents the brand’s identity. Our branding & mobile app development service in Dubai designs apps that can indirectly attract customers. Mobile users spend more than 90% of their time on mobile apps when compared to the time spent browsing websites through mobile devices.

6 Apps are faster and responsive than websites

mobile app is better than websites

A responsive mobile app can outperform actions much faster compared to a mobile website.

The mobile application saves the user information internally on mobile devices itself, while websites usually use internet servers. This enables the mobile application to work seamlessly and provide a better user experience for your customers. Moreover, mobile applications can also save time for users by showing relevant content based on interest and preferences set by the user.

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What should you choose?

Getting both a mobile website and mobile app for your business is the best choice you can go for. However, if you are having a limited budget then you may have to choose one of the mediums based on your business requirements. Both channels have their positives and negatives, mobile apps will assist you to get higher conversions and retention. Mobile apps offer better customization and are easy to manage, along with other exclusive functions. Our mobile app development service in Dubai will be happy to assist you to get the best solution for your business.

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