Warehouse Management SOFTWARE

Get the most efficient software to keep a track of your deliveries to and fro as well as the storage capacity and operations of your warehouse. Our software lets you input all the particular details regarding the objects and then proceeds to catalogue them in a systematic manner to keep a polished inventory. The software processes all logistical information about pull rules, push rules and the minimum stock and produces an optimized count of the procurement necessary.

Scheduling Software DUBAI

Our Scheduling Software is designed to keep your employees dispensing services under your control and within your hands. This holistic software is perfect for you to control all of them and make the business into an efficient success

Project Management SOFTWARE

With our project management software, your will be able to integrate all the singular functions previously done separately into one interface. Now you can chat, co-operate on a task, write in etherpad, and share documents with multiple employees simultaneously. A modern interface with multiple view styles allows for better organisation of tasks as well as keeping track of your progress and the deadline and designed to fit with multiple tools with varied functions tailored to increase your productivity tenfold.

Finance Management SOFTWARE

Avail the fastest means of handling all of your finance related activities and experience the smoothness and sheer relief everything happening without stress. Record transactions; carry out integrated analytic accounting to budget, assets and multiple companies� consolidation all within an interface designed to increase your productivity..

Document Management SOFTWARE

This extremely useful software helps you store, track, assign value and the validity of a particular document or documents that is of importance to you. You can upload any document to the web server so that it can be accessible anytime and anywhere you want to. You can store multiple documents, enter the values or omissions accordingly, and receive notifications if the validity of that document is set to expire.

Human Resource Management SOFTWARE

For HR Professionals looking to make their task a little bit easier, this software will provide all the necessary tools to make it so. Tasks such as recording employee contracts and renewing them, keeping track of the time spent on projects, the timesheets, and the attendance. Keep track of the vacation days of the employees, take their leave requests and approve it or not, manage expenses, forecast needs for projects, and take it to the next level of interactive communication by having a chat with the employees simultaneously and organise challenges and present rewards to the employees who did a great job.

Customer Relationship Management SOFTWARE

With this software get yourself a very valuable lead and follow up with it by integrating all the subsequent e-mails into one single application while analysing the quality of the meeting and make informed decisions. It allows you to get insights from social media about future prospects. Assign the leads to the right sales team according to specifications; schedule your meetings and calls with the integrated calendar. Apart from these indispensable functions the software also performs automated actions such as lead acquisitions, follow-ups and reminders.

Restaurant Management SOFTWARE

Manage your restaurant with the software designed to cater to every single aspect of the restaurant�s functioning, from the invoice management inside the receptionist�s computer, the storage of the food inside the kitchen and the cooking, the expenses involved in purchasing the utilities for a single day, the disposable waste; almost everything that involves work can be made more efficient with this software. It avails the user an illustrative and easy to access interface with necessary tools to help the functionality and efficient segmentation so that processes can be assigned into respective departments which will all be integrated with the main server app.

Point Of Sales Software SOFTWARE

The Point of Sales Software is integrated with the inventory and accounting app, so that any transactions that takes place can be automatically inputted into it. Blazing fast search means that any single commodity can be evoked immediately without hassle and tickets can be issued in parallel. This is a miracle of software with multiple uses cutting across different service categories: customer service, instant notification of decreasing commodity, providing customers with gratifying offers, barcode identification, and production of invoices and even creates customer profiles based on data. This is the POS software to trump over all the other POS Softwares.

Supply Chain Management SOFTWARE

For all those trading firms needing to keep track of all the incoming heft of commodities from the original supply dock and get an idea of the category and original weight of the contents. Any detail that needs to be taken into account, such as the intended destination can be taken inputted into the software�s application and categorized into useful information. The moving operation is where all the hitherto information is used to create efficiency. The destinations, the prospective buyers will be notified of arrival, every departed commodity and incoming one are levied and processes inside App will find the optimized routes and time to proceed with delivery.

Production Management SOFTWARE

The Production aspect of a business should always be the most careful one to observe, because if any error occurs, then it is most likely to happen again at the root. But with the production management system in place you will get access to interface that will help you handle each portion of the operation and modify if you sense there needs to be any changes. Lists, Charts and Calendars are embedded to help you give you a sense of the scale and time involved, an accounting integration in place to give a more accurate valuation and reporting on costs.

Hospital Management SOFTWARE

Hospitals are given a certain special status because of the intense and often exhausting work performed by the Doctor�s and this is where our management software comes in to help you. It will help the Hospital input the patient�s data and keep it in a single database, schedule appointments and surgeries, come up with the necessary invoice and send it, procure all the necessary medicine. With an interactive interface all the processes are seamlessly integrated and can be controlled by the click of a mouse.

Education Management SOFTWARE

It integrates every single process that can take place inside an educational institution. The processes can be as disparate as the marks obtained by a single student, the pay grade of high school teacher, the number of desks and chairs; the electrical equipment to be procures and planning of the holidays etc. Any such processes can be monitored from its inception to the time it is used by the employee. Modern Interface with multiple design means that all the processes can be accessed at any stage and be corrected according to your wishes; it is fully customized to give a boost to the efficiency of the education and the overall experience of studying.


For all of those people wanting to avail a car for the trip with your friends or loved ones, renting one is the best solution. A renting company requires an extensive account of the cars they own, the nature of the contract they deal, the people they loan and for this we have the best software. It deals in the management of the maintenance policies, accident management, traffic fines, license management, and customer invoicing and reporting. Added to this is the feature of being compatible with multiple languages and the capacity to compare different cars and people on the basis of their insurance validity etc.

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