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Google Ads, or to be more precise, the “pay per click” model, is a type of advertising where the advertiser pays Google a certain amount of money to get clicks that are converted into valuable leads for the business.

Google Ads is essential for digital marketing firms in Dubai. And they capitalize on it to their maximum potential to grow their clients’ businesses.

Before we understand what click fraud is, let us have a brief look at what Google ads are.

So stay tuned with us till the very end of this blog to gain some value.

Google Ads a brief introduction

Google Ads, or the PPC model, is how you pay Google some amount of money for each click.

The placement of your ads is determined by the rank that Google gives us.

It is determined using an equation.



The bid amount is how much we are willing to pay for a click.

The “quality score” is the score given by Google based on our keyword selection, landing page experience, and ad relevancy.

Based on this, we get the ranking.

The amount deducted for each click is based on the following equation:

The amount deducted equals the AD rank of the person below you or your quality score.

Here, the ads are done at the campaign level, where ad groups are created and keywords are placed on these ad groups.

Keyword selection:

Here, first, keyword research is done properly based on the business, and then the landing page has a proper UI/UX with content created.

For each campaign, we select multiple ad groups and place the keywords, along with the bid amount for each keyword. The keywords should be selected in such a way that they have low competition and a high search volume. Each word has its quality score.

Then the best ad groups are selected, and their targeted location is determined. We can also add some ad extensions to our ad, for example, a calling extension where we provide the business phone number.

Google ads are mainly search ads, display ads, video ads, etc.

The targeted location and demographics will only show our ad to the most relevant users.

When you place an ad, you should look into the ad’s relevancy; otherwise, you will not get relevant results.

Digital marketing companies in Dubai will make sure to follow all these steps to ensure that your brand gets proper results.

Click fraud in Google ads and how it is harmful to our campaign

Click fraud is a type of fraud that happens when a user or an automated script clicks on your ads with a negative interest (not interested in buying something or taking your service).

It is a competitor strategy to destroy your campaign or a black-hat SEO practice to show a false growth in traffic.

This is done to deplete the campaign’s budget. This can be done using bots, click farms, or manually clicking ads repeatedly.

Google takes these fraud activities very seriously, as it does not want its advertisers to suffer losses and wants all businesses to flourish.

So it has implemented various machine learning algorithms to identify and filter out all the invalid clicks, and it has even provided tools to filter out all the invalid clicks.

Advertisers can also be a bit more careful here. when such things occur.

Who are behind these types of click fraud?

There are two types of click fraud in Google ads.

  • Competitors
  • Click fraud by affiliates and publishers

Competitors’ clicks are done by competitors to make your business lose more and more money. Its goal is to damage your business and squeeze the money out of your budget.

Publisher click fraud is a bit more complex than the previous type. They are just destroying the entire system without being blocked out.

Publishers and affiliates are paid based on clicks, so they will undoubtedly want more clicks and will go to any length to obtain them. 

Manual clicks and why it is so dangerous 

  • Manual clicks are extremely dangerous because, in this case, people hire a large group of third-party people to click on the website’s ads all day to increase their revenue.
  • Sometimes you must have seen messages like “Support our website by clicking on the ads.” Such types of messages affect the ad campaign negatively.
  • Another type of click fraud is where the users are forced to click on the ad to proceed to the site.
  • Automated clicks are performed by bots that are programmed to perform the clicks at regular intervals daily.
  • It is even used to increase the traffic of a website, and it’s a big challenge for digital marketing companies and Google Ads agencies in Dubai.
  • These bots are scripts that act as users and have unique IP addresses as well. Their activities are hard to spot, and this is the best fraudulent way to collect money from the user.
  • In click flooding, the bots target a particular ad and increase the click rate artificially.
  • In addition to cookie stuffing, multiple third-party links are used to drive traffic.

How to prevent Click fraud?

  • Ad verification

It is the best tool to check any kind of ad fraud; it is a double-safety tool with such kinds of activity because the vendors are provided with a variety of metrics to determine the invalid traffic.

With these tools, you can shut down low-quality and suspicious websites to improve your campaign.

Always use a trusted platform for such campaigns, and digital marketing companies in Dubai can help us with that.

  • Using honeypots

Honeypots are the most effective way to eliminate click bots and their sources. 

  • Always maintain a blacklist record

One should always maintain a list of blacklisted records where there is a potential threat of click fraud.

You should always maintain a comparison report for all the campaigns, and digital marketing companies in Dubai maintain this report.

  • CPA or CPC which is the best

One should always maintain a list of blacklisted records where there is a potential threat of click fraud.

Cost per click is the method by which we pay Google and other search engines based on clicks, but the cost per action is the method by which we get paid based on the actions performed on the website. CPC can be manipulated by CPA, which is more effective than CPC.

  • Use targeting options wisely 

If you are facing this issue, then you need to set a targeted audience to the region where you are interested in showing your ads. Irrelevant locations can increase the chance of such fraud, and Google has developed many tools in the ads account that will help you find out the right from the wrong.

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