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The digital world is getting more developed every year, and it has positively affected the world of advertising. From newspaper ads, TV ads, and other types of paper-based advertising, now we have online ads like Google ads and social media ads.

From e-commerce to service-type companies, almost all businesses rely on ads in this digital era. Do you know why? It is because of the internet’s growth that 90 percent of the world’s population is on the internet, and these ads help them find the right audience.

Welcome back to another blog by Azinova Technologies, and through this blog, let us find out which types of ads (Google ads vs. social media ads) will be the best for your business.

So stick with us till the very end because we are sure you will get some valuable information.

How to select the best Ad network 

Before we begin, let us ask you a small question for all business owners: have you ever thought about what kind of ad network will work out the best for your business? It is not true that only a particular ad network will work.

These ad networks were created mainly to target relevant audiences. The important thing is that we have to do a very detailed market study before we select an ad group.

Digital marketing companies in Dubai can help you with a detailed analysis of the market for your business.  The main goal is to get maximum ROI on a minimum budget.

Now let’s discuss each type of ad network in detail.

Google ads

Google Ads is an ad platform created by Google on October 23, 2000. It has helped marketers market different products and services as per the business requirements of their clients, and through Google Ads, the company generates billions of dollars every month. Google Ads works on a pay-per-click model, where the advertisers pay Google for every click.

Different types of google ads are:

  • Search ads: these types of ads are displayed on the SERP when the user searches for a particular product or service based on the query he or she types.

There are two types of ads: responsive search ads and dynamic search ads.

For example, when you type in “best cleaning companies in Dubai,” a set of search results will come up in the SERPS. Just check; there will be sponsored words written beside some of the search results. This is a clear indication that the company is running an ad for that particular service.

  • Display ads: You can see these types of ads on blogs or third-party websites.

For example, when you check any third-party website, you will see banner ads based on third-party products or services. These types of ads are not very effective in terms of campaigning because there is a high chance of click fraud.

  • App promotion ads: These types of ads are done when we have to promote a mobile application, and they are effective for those businesses whose operation is basically through a mobile application. It will help the business a lot because the users will download this application when they search for that particular query, as the link will be shown on the top search results.

For example, for an online food aggregator platform in Dubai, to get more downloads, the best way is to run app promotion ads.

  • Video ads: Video ads are the best and most effective way to market a product or service. These video ads can be 15 to 30 seconds long and are played on YouTube. They are categorized as skippable and non-skippable ads. YouTube receives more daily searches than Google; therefore, it is a highly effective way to market any product or service. All these ads work on recommendations and previous searches, which are based on machine learning and data science algorithms.

E.g., any ads that you see on the top of search results, e.g., clothing brand ads, travel-based ads, or an online food app where the traffic is redirected to their website for further interactions.

  • Shopping ads These types of ads are mainly used by e-commerce companies that are interested in promoting their products and increasing sales. Companies like Amazon use this type of advertising to increase their sales.
  • Local search-only ads These types of ads are used only for local searches, especially in the GMB profile to increase their visibility in local searches.

Call on ads These types of ads have a phone number as an extension where you can directly give your business number and through that, you will get calls.

Digital marketing agencies in Dubai do a deep study before recommending to their clients what type of ad network will suit them.

You can target based on location and demographics, set an ad budget, and then make multiple ad copies for different keywords that you select.

Linkedin ads

LinkedIn ads are the best if you are targeting B2B clients. If a business in Dubai is targeting another business for the sale of its product or services, these are the best ad networks. LinkedIn has 830 million users, and it’s growing day by day with new businesses coming in every day.

Facebook and Instagram ads

Facebook and Instagram are the two largest social media platforms in the world by the number of users. Instagram is owned by Facebook.

The ads on these two platforms are paid, and here the highlight is that we can create campaigns based on demographics, age, location, interest, and behaviors, and these ads can be in the form of images, videos, and carousels depicting brand awareness, lead generation, and conversions.


  1. It promotes targeted advertising.
  2. High-quality visual content can be added, and videos are the present trend.
  3. It helps to increase brand awareness.
  4. It is highly cost-effective for lead generation and increasing sales.

Tips for creating effective Facebook and Instagram ads for your business in Dubai

To create effective ads, digital marketing companies in Dubai must follow a strategic approach for their clients.

  • Define your target audience

The best practice is to define the customers that you are trying to reach based on their interests and behaviors. If you can crack this, then it’s easy, as your customers will engage with your brand very easily, thereby generating a lot of business for your company in Dubai.

  • Use high-quality visuals 

The only way to rule in the world of social media is by producing high-quality content in the form of videos or posts, always trying to make engaging videos or posts in which your users will be hooked up, and this will generate a lot of business. and try to keep a simple, clear message.

  • Always test and optimize your ads.

It is recommended to do A/B testing while doing this, which will help you get the best results. We can even use the analytics provided by Facebook and Instagram to check it.

Why are we the ad agency in Dubai for you to approach?

We are the best ad agency in Dubai that will help you out with it, whether it’s Google ads or social media ads. We first do a deep market study about your business, and then with those insights, our ad experts recommend the ad network. Their goal is to give you the best results for the least amount of money, so what are you waiting for?

If you want to see your business flourish in Dubai and if you are interested in ad campaigns (on Google or social media), then we are the best digital marketing company for you.

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