Google Ads recently reported a spike in over-reported conversions – specifically between November 11 to 20. If your digital marketing campaign reported better results than usual over this period, there is a good chance that it had been affected by this bug. Let’s take a look at the Conversion Tracking tools that have been affected and what this means for your digital marketing strategies.

Conversion Tracking

Any SEO company in Dubai can tell you how important it is to track your online conversions to determine the relative success of your digital marketing strategy. Conversion tracking is part of a set of tools in Google Ads that helps you identify the generation of sales, sign-ups and other important conversions related to your business. This in-depth analysis of your ad campaign helps pinpoint those areas that are doing well and those that need to be optimized better to attract conversions.

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A conversion may be counted when a customer makes a transaction, downloads an app, calls a phone number, signs up for your company newsletter on your website, among other methods. You will need to identify which actions on your website need to be tracked for conversions before you set up conversion tracking to analyze these trends.

Conversion Reporting Bug

Google Ads search and shopping campaign conversions have been over reported due to a bug, according to Google. All conversion reports during this time period would be incorrect – this includes any reports downloaded using Google Ads API, google Ads scripts and AdWords API.

Google claims that smart bidding strategies are not affected, but advertisers using attribution models except last-click attribution would have experienced conversion over-reporting due to the bug.

Google has announced that conversion reporting has been fixed except in the following areas:

Search Query Performance Report

This tool helps identify what users are searching for when your ads are triggered. This provides an idea of how customers use the search option to find your business and their reactions to your ads. You can use this to regulate keywords – fine-tune existing ones and remove irrelevant ones to better specify how and when your ads appear to your clients.

Geo Performance Report

The geographic performance report provides a review of your campaigns in different geographical regions. This performance report is integral to identifying the efficiency and reach of your campaign in different regions. A digital marketing company in Dubai can use this report to target individual regions within a country and analyze the performance of their campaigns more directly.

Keywordless Query Report

The Keywordless Query report provides statistics for keywordless ads based on search terms rather than keywords. 

Keywordless Category Report

The Keywordless Category performance report provides statistics for keywordless ads aggregated by category.

What this bug means for you

Over-reported conversion can affect advertisers drastically. If the reports show a better performance for your campaigns than their actual target, your digital marketing strategies would be misinformed, leading to skewed budgets and bidding later. According to leading digital marketing companies in Dubai, you will need to benchmark the report against the latest performance, and if one of the areas has had an unexpected increase, you will need to double-check this before making any bids on it.

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Digital marketing companies in Dubai can rest assured for now – Google has announced that they are working to correct this conversion data and review the inflated figures from Google Ads. Google understands the need to get this problem sorted soon, since the largest shopping season of the year is fast approaching.

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If you are looking to find a digital marketing strategy that best fits your company’s long-term business goals, you will need to invest in a good SEO company in Dubai. But with many software companies in Dubai claiming to be the best in the business, you would be puzzled when trying to choose one that fits your company’s interests.

Azinova Technologies works with the best conversion tracking tools to help improve your digital presence and increase your client base. Our expertise with Google Ads gives us an edge over any conversion tracking errors that may come up unexpectedly. We provide nothing but the top-quality service, guaranteeing your business goals in the shortest time possible.

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