Google has recently released the BERT update to its search algorithm and it’s creating a sensation in the SEO industry. SEO companies in Dubai predict a drastic change in the way search queries are optimized. It may very well be the case that Google’s strategy would drive digital marketing companies in Dubai to create better, more compelling content. Let’s take a closer look at what BERT actually is, how it works and how it matters to SEO in the long run.

SEO companies in Dubai

Understanding Google SERP

When users enter a query in the search engine, they need quick and relevant results related to their particular query. The specific reason behind the search is termed he “search intent” or “keyword intent”. Google tries to understand what this search intent is in each case and the objective of this search intent in order to provide comprehensive Search Engine Results Pages. The goal of Google SERP right now is to find the best fit for the search intent, rather than being limited to just the keywords in the search query. This is made possible through the BERT update.

What exactly is BERT?

The BERT algorithm (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is a deep learning algorithm that is pre-trained and programmed for natural language processing. It helps search engines understand the meaning of words in a sentence within their specific context.

Simply put, BERT is a system that helps Google’s search algorithm to understand better what users are looking for when they search, using machine learning techniques. It uses natural language processing to match user search queries with the relevant content on a web page. This makes it possible for Google to understand the context of the search query and thus find content from the web that fits the query as closely as possible.

Google can analyze synonyms of words used in search queries to match them to relevant web pages. Now with BERT added to this, Google search is better equipped to recognize and interpret search queries. However, this will be on a case-by-case basis rather than a complete overhaul of search engine optimization. Google estimates BERT will affect about 10% of all search queries – these would mostly be longer, conversational kind of search queries, which are not likely to be targeted by SEO companies in Dubai as intensively.

Even so, with voice search gaining popularity and the advanced tools that went into natural language processing, this marks a significant step for the search engine giant in its quest to provide its users nothing short of the best content.

Google’s machine learning techniques

Before BERT, Google had been developing and evolving artificial intelligence to improve its search algorithm so that search queries can be resolved better and users provided the right content matching their queries. BERT can be termed the next step in the evolution of self-learning search engines in the line of its predecessors.


With the introduction of the Hummingbird update in 2013, Google stepped away from forced keyword optimization on web pages to use more natural language in its search query matching process. This made it possible to interpret search queries in their entirety rather than focusing on specific keywords within the query. It focused on content in specific pages, analyzing the authority of a page, even at the page author at times to determine the relevance of a web page. In retrospect, the Hummingbird update can be seen as a major shift towards improving Google’s voice search.

SEO companies in Dubai

Rank Brain

Rank Brain was declared the third-most important ranking factor for Google’s ranking algorithm when it was introduced in 2015. The update helped search engines guess the possible meanings of unfamiliar search terms and first-time search queries to pull up the most relevant search results. The relationship between words would be analyzed to determine a pattern between search queries and their possible meanings. This is especially important for searches with colloquial terms and previously unknown words.

For example, if a search query from the United States involves the term “boot”, the search engine would display footwear-based results. At the same time, if the same query is from the United Kingdom, say, the search engine would look for results based on car storage spaces.

The road forward

Since BERT puts Google in a position to understand natural language and derive the intended meaning and context behind search queries, we can assume that Google search engines are better equipped at finding and displaying content that best fits with the objective of these queries.

Poorly written and superficial content based on keyword optimization will not boost websites anymore since the updated Google search algorithm would naturally go with qualitative, user-driven content. What you, as a company can do, is to develop content that is not geared towards SEO, but to fit the actual questions that your audience ask. Invest in a good SEO company in Dubai to create really great content for your audience.

SEO companies in Dubai recommend integrating dedicated FAQ forums into your website so that you can increase client traffic through customer-oriented content. Also, try to feature snippets on pages with FAQ and Q&A models so that your websites would have a higher chance of being picked up by BERT.

Professional SEO services:

With increasing changes in Google’s search engine algorithms, finding the right SEO company in Dubai for your long term business goals can be quite a task. Between the search for an SEO company and getting the projected results, you would be worried about getting an SEO company that is qualified to handle your business needs.

SEO companies in Dubai

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