Good news for SEO companies in Dubai! Google has made it easier to monitor and improve website performance through its Page Speed Report tool. Before its public rollout, Google had unveiled the Page Speed Report back in February, and at Google I/O 2k19 in May, had declared they were previewing the new speed report on the Google Search Console. Digital marketing companies in Dubai had been eagerly waiting these nine months for this feature to go public so that they can provide a better user experience on their websites.

Page speed is crucial to enhancing user experience, and that is why we use a diverse range of tools to optimize web pages and make them faster. But with these tools, there is no exhaustive method to analyze multiple pages on a website. The best we can do is load individual page details into the tools to analyze them. Google goes a step further and introduces the Page Speed Report tool on its Search Console to help you look at website performance more comprehensively.

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This is obviously a great addition to the Search console, and greatly beneficial for website optimization for better user experience. Let’s take a closer look at this awesome new tool and how it helps SEO companies in Dubai perform better.

Search Console Tools

Google’s Search Console tools and reports help analyze your site traffic, monitor site performance and fix issues on your page to make it to the top of Google search results. The Performance report function in Google’s Search Console helps you track organic search traffic and the appearance of your website or app.

Google’s Search Console provides extensive information about the visibility of your website on Google Search. It helps identify issues as well as diagnose them, check indexing status, optimize website visibility, identify link and query traffic while sharing information about the website.

The new Page Speed Report appears under the Enhancements section in Search Console. The report provides an overview of all pages under the same domain, detailing any speed-related issues, essentially pinpointing problems related to page-loading times for better SEO functions.

How it works

It can be really tough to identify potential user experience problems on your website, especially when you have a lot of pages on the site. To help manage this problem, the Page Speed Report tool automatically classifies similar URLs into groups under “SLOW”, “AVERAGE” and “FAST”. This data is sourced from the Chrome User Experience Report, which provides user experience metrics for Chrome users and their experience on popular websites on the web.

Classifying URLs

URLs are classified according to their speed and any issues that cause slowdowns. The identified issues that cause slower page-loading are highlighted, and the pages are further grouped based on similar issues that affect their performance.

You can use the tool to check on slow and average loading pages to find the specific issues affecting their performance. To get a better understanding of your website performance, you can also check the “FAST” section –  comparing this with other sections tells you the areas where your page is actually doing better.

Solving Issues

When you go through the identified issues in the Page Speed Report, you can click on individual issues to bring up Google’s Page Speed Insights tool, which can be used to review the different ways in which pages can be optimized to solve these specific issues related to page-loading time.

SEO Benefits

This greatly helps SEO companies in Dubai efficiently manage site optimization – you know beforehand how much time and attention needs to be invested in each page. The Page Speed Report also eliminates the need to use diagnosing tools and speed checking for page optimization, helping SEO analysts probe deeper into specific issues classified under “slow”, “fast” and “average” by Google.

Google suggests using this new tool to monitor your page performance as well as track any fixes you make to your website over time. This helps you determine the advantages and risks when making changes to the website. When fixing issues, you can use the report function to observe whether users find any improvement in page performance when they go through the fixed website.

Points to Note

Although the Page Speed Report tool is purely experimental at this stage, the amount of work that went into the design between the preview release and public release indicate a revolutionary SEO component to optimize websites for better user experience. The Page Speed Report can be used to address specific issues that affect user traffic on your website swiftly, which would have otherwise taken detailed analysis involving multiple speed tools.

SEO company in Dubai

The metrics and the errors require improvement, but this gives an opportunity to analyze web content comprehensively, allowing an open channel between SEO and developer teams. The suggested techniques are aimed at search engine optimization, but also at enhancing site traffic. Providing a rich user experience on websites is crucial for increasing this traffic, and thus bring about more conversion for you.

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