Facebook is the leading social media platform in the world, where more than a billion people interact with each other. Marketing companies have picked up on the vast potential of Facebook where they can advertise themselves and their products to a large number of people, without spending an exorbitant amount from their budget on advertising costs.

A couple of years ago, getting your content featured on the front page of Facebook was quite simple – just make a post and sit back while your page rakes in tons of likes and shares. Now, you will be lucky if at least 10% of your audience see your post on their feed, let alone like and share it. There is just so much content out there and so little space for it to appear. Facebook marketing has become so competitive that boosting your content simply won’t attract enough views to make your brand visible to everyone.

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Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can improve your organic reach on Facebook with the help of a good SEO company in Dubai.

Why do you need organic reach?

It’s a good question. Why spend time on boosting organic content when you can invest in paid advertisements? Any decent digital marketing company in Dubai can tell you that the simple answer is, you can’t rely on paid ads getting you the top of the feed unless you have strong organic content to support it. Using organic content to channel potential clients means you expend a little time and effort, but this gives you a very good chance that these users will be converted. Paid ads, on the other hand, do not guarantee returns, unless you already have compelling content to attract users to begin with.

Focus on building reliable organic content to support your paid content, so that you do not lose out audience on either front. Use organic content as a kind of litmus test to see what interests your audience. Once you get an idea of the content required, you can use a similar strategy for paid ads.

Conform to the Algorithm:

Facebook’s algorithm decides how your content gets featured on your audience’s feed. If you fulfill the necessary requirements, your content could become visible for others. But when a lot of content from different companies swamp Facebook feeds of your audience, your content needs to stand out to make your brand visible.

Click bait content:

Facebook’s algorithm started removing click bait content back in 2014. This is objectively a good decision on the part of Facebook to improve the content shared on its platform. This also helps companies make better content for their audience, improving their brand image. What Facebook essentially looks for is content that informs the user before they click on the link, so that they are not misled by the title.

Your solution to this would be creating content that appeals to the audience without being click bait-worthy. Avoid using exaggerative and manipulative content in your posts. Hire a good SEO company in Dubai to create quality content if you are not too sure of the kind of content required.

Manage your website better

Facebook also determines if a post that redirects users to external sites is spam, judging by the time it takes for users to return to Facebook after browsing the site. Even if your posts are not click bait, users that do not find your web content particularly interesting are bound to leave right away. Make use of a professional SEO company in Dubai to create compelling website content so that you have a strong base to display your brand image.

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Increase interaction on your page:

We discussed how to avoid engagement-bait content earlier. A good way to increase interaction without getting on the wrong side of Facebook’s algorithm is to create content that invites discussion and dialogue with your audience. Direct engagement with a company builds rapport and reinforces a positive brand image. Social media is an avenue for direct communication with your audience. So why not step up and engage your clients with interactive discussions?

Use Facebook Live to get across your messages directly to your audience. Marketing strategies have conventionally relied on picture-based posts to establish brands, but their overuse has steadily declined their popularity with users. Having an avenue where users can communicate with companies directly and in real-time helps improve your brand image.

Regular content updates:

Now you know what kind of posts are allowed on Facebook, you need to decide the frequency of posting content to your page. A professional digital marketing company in Dubai would advise you to post at least twice a day so that users are neither swamped by your posts, and nor do they have to wait too long to get an update from you. Use a scheduling tool to make sure that you do not forget posts, while you have more time to focus on using SEO techniques to gain traction for your posts.

Leading digital marketing companies in Dubai would also advise you to create content that keeps up with real-time holidays and events, so that you are seen as a brand that keeps with the times. In short, match the consistency of your posts with reliable content that adheres to face book algorithm.

Professional digital marketing companies in Dubai:

If you are looking to increase your organic reach among your clients, you would need to invest in a good SEO company in Dubai to help you achieve the best results. But with all these companies advertising themselves as the best in the business, you would obviously be confused when trying to choose one that’s right for your company and your long-term goals.

digital marketing companies in Dubai

Say goodbye to your worries when choosing Azinova Technologies for your SEO services. We are the leading digital marketing company in Dubai, with the expertise and experience to increase your visibility on Facebook and promote your brand image with your audience. We provide nothing but the top-quality service, guaranteeing your business goals in the shortest time possible.


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