Day Two of GITEX 2016 witnessed perhaps one of the most intriguing things that had happened ever in GITEX. We were introduced to Microsoft’s “Dubai Bot”. This was one of the most intriguing things ever to be displayed in the exhibition. This is essentially an AI assistant that will help residents as well visitors explore the city of Dubai in their own personal ways.
It is mostly meant for visitors though because all of you stay here in the Emirates might have already known their way around Dubai so far. This is a virtual tour guide that can suggest you restaurants, beaches, museums, entertainment venues, or any other place that you would like to visit. This virtual tour guide will give you the assistance on how to select. Moreover, the virtual tour guide will also display up-to-date information regarding the currency exchange rates, the availability as well as for booking a taxi etc. The bot will process all the unique data related to you – your age, length of stay, whether you are travelling alone or not.
There was the vertical talk about Marketing & Healthcare where the ever-increasing field of digital marketing was given a more serious consideration as more than just an alternative market avenue but as a path for making serious money via advertisement and marketing techniques. Some of those who were there even suggested that among all the marketing fields, digital marketing will one day come to have primacy.
The Tech Talks had two different subject matter: “Growing Footprints of UAV’s in Enhancing Human Productivity and “Enhanced Reality Technologies – Changing Education and Learning with AR & VR. These talks were stimulative and evoked passionate responses from those in the crowd and those who were in the Panel.
These were some of the things that transpired during the second of GITEX 2016


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