The day three of GITEX 2016 will begin at 11:00 a.m. on 18th October. The third is the middle day as it equally spaced from the beginning and the ending of GITEX 2016. Expect the crowd to be full when they come around to see the exhibitions that are being exhibited. There will be more passionate discussion and enlightening talks about technology as well as the future, especially pertaining to the future of technology in Dubai.
Day Three will showcase the vertical talks with the subject matter of it being “Finance” and “Intelligent Cities”. For the former, they will be looking into the effectiveness of the digital medium when it comes to increasing the efficiency of banking as well as create better methods of banking. There we will look into the ways in which it possible to allocate loans through smartphones and tablets, and on how to use augmented reality to check the transactions, as well as for payments.
Carrying on from the previous years’ Internet of Things vein, today’s’ talk will be taking into the feasibility and practicality of developing sustainable smart cities. Several leaders in smart city designers will gather to talks as well as to witness the slew of integrated technology that can be used for building a safer and smarter city of the future.
For the mentor workshop section, experts will gather to elucidate the up and coming start-ups on how to pitch their business ideas to investors and get them to invest actual capital into their projects. This is quite an important skill all start-up entrepreneurs should know, and will often determine they will remain long enough to become a successful organisation or fade into obscurity.
The two Tech Talk topics are – “Machines & Wearables – Augmenting Healthcare and Enhancing Wellness” and “Making Secure Networks – Role of User Behaviour, Mobility, and Ever Changing Threats”.
These are some of the things that you can look forward to on today’s GITEX 2016; you can also technology firms to unveil new and exciting technology to the oblivious audience to make their day here that much more special.


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