The biggest technology exhibition in the Middle East is back yet again, and this time it’s bigger than ever before. This time around there is a renewed focus on helping Start-ups find their capital by attracting eminent business personalities who will likely invest their capital into these starry-eyed entrepreneurs so that they can finally reach for their dreams. GITEX is annual tradition that is quite a treat for technology lovers, where all the latest in technology as well as that of the future is displayed for everyone to see, and expect that this will be quite a treat this time around as well.

One of the highlights of this year’s GITEX will be the emerging sectors of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.  It is fairly obvious that we are going to be living in a world where these three technologies will obscure all other hitherto technology. At GITEX 2016 you will see, first-hand how these technology will function and how you can integrate them into your company’s advanced processes.

The next thing that is quite the show stopper is the smart living and wearable. These are the equipment that is the creation of several industries joining together and working in tandem so that there could be a much more convenient way of measuring and keepings things in schedule for ordinary people. There will be on display the latest of the wearable technology that will take the world by storm or has already. There will be a lot of industry professionals who can be met during the exhibition.

Like last time as well, there will be an App Hack which will be participated by the most advanced hackers of our times. It will give a chance to see more deeply into the core of the different applications, and also to reveal a better way to ensure absolute. People can also pitch their ideas about potential good Apps and present them to the judges. You can take part as well and hone your skills.

Like last time as well, there will be a host of debates as well given by preeminent speakers of the world’s business circuit who will start the discourse on the future course of technology. The debates and talking sessions will be spread throughout the days during which GITEX will be conducted, and therefore this is a quite an occasion for you to savour, as there will be a gathering of the foremost thinkers and builders of our times.

Azinova is setting up their own stall, aiming to take advantage of the enormous people who will be conglomerated at the site. We are sure that our unique products and services will make an indelible impression on the minds of the people. There will be an instant attraction towards us because we are 100% authentic with our products and services. We have prepared our core team to be there at the service to represent our vision and mission, and how we envisage carving out our own piece in the emerging technological arena.


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