Well, this today’s buzzwords were Smart Cities and Big Data, the latter of which is set to become the most important technology topic in the coming few coming few years along with the Internet of Things, of course. Several technology leaders flooded in the exhibition, giving it more vibrancy and colour. There was also a lot of demonstrations of new gadgets and stimulating talks about the pertinent issues of our times.

At the GITEX Ignite, the main agenda of the day was Smart cities, the kind of which Dubai has envisioned becoming, by the end of this decade in a very optimistic estimation. There were a lot of eminent industry leaders present at this conference, and the interaction between the speakers and the crowd were lively and consisted of a myriad subject matter that aroused the curiosity and inquisitiveness of everyone present there.

There were a lot of demonstration of future technology at store, and continuing on the popularity of the robot police officer, there was a lot of other robotics at display such as an extremely intelligent chess A.I. with a robotic arm that moves the pieces around. Virtual Reality Devices were popular as well, with the Oculus Rift demonstrations, literally blowing some people’s mind. This device is all set to hit stores next year in masse, and may well prove to be another game changer on display at the GITEX 2015.

Bob Plumridge, the CTO of HITACHI, says that GITEX 2015 is bigger and better than the previous versions, and that BIG DATA is the go to concept in the circuits that run its course here. He stressed the possibility of the Smart City coming into place and talked about how the company is adapting to the changing technological landscapes.

The Managing Director of CISCO, UAE, said that there is a greater urgency in opening up the data and the need to leverage the value of data sharing. He added that the emphasis should be on collaborative effort for the realization of the Smart City initiative and working together with other technology entities, even though he feels that his company is adequately prepared to meet all challenges itself.

Waiting for more things to emerge on Day 4, where we will finally see the Hackathon begin and more stimulating talks being generated here at GITEX 2015.

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