One of the most conspicuous moments in yesterday’s GITEX was the visit of Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan. He re-iterated the thoughts of President Khalifa and expressed his pride in the unrelenting efforts exerted by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed in bringing about initiatives that have contributed to the streamlined transformation to e-services. He toured various booths and pavilions and expressed his admiration for the various levels of modernity and organisation.

Today’s GITEX will still be full of that optimism expressed by Sheikh Saif bin Zayed, and this will rejuvenate the spirits of those who are doing the conferences. Today’s Innovation Tech Talk will feature several industry leaders engaged in discussions on: “Data Security – Data protection and cyber security”; “Smart Cities – Connecting data, networks, systems and residents”; “Cloud- Infrastructure and connectivity challenges in the cloud”; “UAVs & Exponential Tech – Drones, 3D Printing and robotics – role of alliance”.

At the GTX Techverticals Conference, he primary Agenda for the will be Healthcare. A number of CIO’s and Directors from leading companies will form the chair and speakers circle. This discussion will be the final of the TEchvertical conferences, so you can expect a passionate fervour in the member parties. Important issues such as Smart Healthcare and the integration of Iot in the healthcare section will be discussed.

The Hackathon will commence today and it is going to be one of the most entertaining activities in GITEX 2015, with lots of prize money to be won. This event will put to test the minds and intellect of the individuals who are involved, and maybe even will somehow create a ground-breaking innovation inadvertently. There are of course, going to be more tech leaders taking the forefront and unveiling their latest gizmos and new strategies for the interconnected future of things. This is going to be another exciting day here at GITEX 2015

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