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Day 2 has ended on a high note, with a lot of eminent personalities giving inspiring and insightful speeches, major announcements by government officials and some preaching by the great Booz Allen Hamilton and Microsoft’s unveiling their latest gadget – SurfaceHub. Today one can expect more events and activities from the exhibitors and the people involved in the GITEX 2015. Perhaps, today will be bigger than the previous two days combined, as far as predicting patterns go.

The Hackathon starts from today, and this an event that many of the participants of GITEX 2015 have been waiting for, and now it is going finally going to take place. It is a forum for the creation of new and disruptive ideas; which is the basis for all innovation. Product gurus from the industry will act as mentors to the participants and esteemed industry figures will be acting as the judges. There is a cash prize worth Dirham 20,000 for the first place; 15,000 for the second place; and 10,000 for third place. Although the Hackathon will not start until tomorrow, there will be the Evening Master Class briefing that happens today at the Al Multaqua Ballroom from evening 5:30 to 7:30.

Besides this, there will be the usual GTX Horizons, which will feature live demonstrations and autonomous display of technology in three key areas: Robotics, UAV and autonomous vehicles. This 5 day event will go on until the GITEX 2015 ends on 22nd of October. There will be interactive sessions on various pertinent topics and a guest list of world’s leading CIO’s and CTO’s.

The GTX TechVerticals will take place today as well which will feature many industry leaders engaging in earnest talk about the nature of technology in relation to various other industries. Today, the topic for dissection is digital banking – “Disrupting banking at its best – reshaping the future of banking” and “Smart Banking – when we might see it happen and why it’s taking so long”. Today will also feature a single talk on Digital Education – “Technical Lab: Implementing the Flipped Classroom Model”.

The GTX Innovation TechTalk Conference will also take place today with lots of speakers talking about various topics that is related to the changing technological landscape that we inhabit. These sessions will be: “Healthcare: Innovation in Connected Healthcare”; “Big Data: Managing Data, Mining Insight and creating value”; “Consumer Product and Retail Industry”; “GTX Retail – Future Trends in Digital Retail”; “Cloud – Creating clouds for the next generation ecosystems”.

And of course, we don’t what gadget is going to take the exhibition by storm yet. We have to wait and see; the new path of the future will eventually be found in GITEX 2015 before the world comes to realize it. Day 3 is going to be mesmerizing and fun, eagerly anticipating for it to begin!


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