Apple is set to make its biggest leap yet in the iPhone world with the back-to-back release of the latest iPhone and iOS versions. As the iOS 13 releases on September 19, software companies in Dubai eagerly await the latest features that make iPhones the leading choice of smartphones.around the world. 

 This time, Apple is looking to retain and enhance its core user base by releasing the update to all iPhone devices from 6S and upwards. This is obviously a huge chunk of iPhone users who will enjoy the latest features of the smartphone world without switching to other brands. Let us take a look at the latest iOS 13 features.


Dark Mode

The new Dark Mode feature inverts the light color scheme, creating a perfect option for low-light environments. This option helps your eyes relax while using your iPhone. Just switch on the Dark Mode option from the Control center when you enter a dark room so that no one around you is distracted by your screen light. You can also schedule times when Dark Mode will automatically turn on and off, depending on sunrise and sunset, as well as bedtime.

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 The Dark Mode feature is integrated into iOS so that all settings and built-in applications adapt to this style. Even the wallpapers automatically change when you switch between dark and light options. Software companies in Dubai can use an API to integrate Dark Mode into their iOS apps.

Keyboard updates:

The new keyboard is designed to incorporate swipe-to-type as a feature. This had earlier been used in earlier extensions like Gboard and SwiftKey. 

Now you can slide your finger across the keyboard to type, rather than tapping each character. Alternate words are displayed in the predictive bar above the keyboard so you can choose the word of your choice while you swipe. 


iPhones last longer and perform better:

iPhone users hold onto their devices far-longer than other smartphone users, but a major problem has always been the battery life. Apple has finally addressed this problem through iOS 13. The OS learns from your daily charging routines to so that your iPhone spends less time fully charges. The phone waits to charge past 80% until you are ready to unplug and use it, slowing the rate of battery ageing 

Stats-wise, iPhones are set to become faster with iOS 13. App launching will be twice as fast while Face ID will unlock your iPhone 30% faster. App downloads are also made smaller so that you spend less time looking at the download progress.



The camera app is designed to perform better with the latest iPhone 11 versions which have additional camera options. An innovative addition to the camera app lets you adjust the portrait lighting intensity, moving the light relative to the object for different effects. Moving the light closer smoothens the skin and brightens facial features while moving it farther gives a more refined effect.

Updates to the Portrait Segmentation API now supports skin, hair and teeth segmentation. New effects for portrait mode photos can be created by software companies in Dubai using this update.

Photos and image editing: 

Photos library:

The updated photos tab organizes your photos and videos better, allowing you to easily find and share them with your friends. Photos can be viewed by day, month or year, photo previews now being larger, letting you find your photos more easily. You can also zoom in or out to change how the photo library appears. 

In terms of organization, the Photos tab now displays the location name or event name associated with the photo to provide context for the photos. The month view sorts your photos by events so that you can find them easily when you need them. Additionally, duplicate photos, screenshots, documents and receipts are identified and hidden, and your screen recordings are sorted separately. 

Photo editing: 

Photo editing is much more enhanced, now with added options for effects like White Balance, image sharpening, noise-reduction and definition. You have the option to fine-tune the effects of each effect on a slider as you edit. You can also pinch to zoom while editing to focus on specific parts of the image. 

Video editing:

In a significant boost to video editing, iOS 13 retains most of the elements of photo editing in video editing as well. You can now rotate, add effects and crop your videos extensively through the photos app. Video edits can be removed like filters and effects, retaining your original video any time.

Privacy and Security

You can now control how much location data you wish to share with apps. You can authorize an app to access your location once or whenever you use it, with a notification reminding you when apps use your location in the background. 

iOS 13

Updates to the API as well as enhanced controls now restrict apps from accessing your location without your permission when using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Signing in with Apple ID:

Say goodbye to filling out all your details and creating infinite passwords on the apps and websites you visit. Sign in by tapping the “Sign in with Apple ID” option and secure your account using ace ID or Touch ID. this works on all Apple devices, as well as the web and apps on Android and Windows platforms. 

Apple does not track your profile when using this mode, restricting the amount of information shared to just your name and email address. It also allows you to create a unique email address that forwards to your real address in case you do not wish to share your email address with apps and websites. A two-factor authentication additionally secures your account against any online threats.

Improved Maps:

Apple’s native Maps app gets a makeover in iOS 13, which features improved and realistic details for map elements. An added 3D feature allows you to explore a place in 360-degree view while smoothly navigating through locations. 

You can add a list of places you visit for quick navigation as well as share this list of favorite locations with friends and family. You can also use the redesigned feedback options to report incorrect locations and addresses. 

Transit options have been improved, and now you can see live departure times of buses and trains on your route. Transit stops now show more detailed schedules including dynamic information on departure times.

Creating software for better enterprise:

Coming up with new technology for mobile app development in Dubai in the rapidly-evolving technological industry is a formidable challenge for aspiring developers and renowned companies alike. Azinova Technologies is ready to help you gain the upper hand in the field of mobile app development in Dubai. We are the leading company in the development and design of applications for the iOS platform for all your business needs.

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