Here’s what the best marketing and top software companies in Dubai have to say about Instagram reels.


top software companies in Dubai


Social media and influencer marketing have opened up new horizons of marketing. Especially in the current times of the COVID-19 pandemic,  new platforms are taking up arms in marketing. Instagram Reels is the latest addition to the listing. It enables the creation of short videos of 15-second duration with custom effects. 

Instagram Reels – What is that?

The brand new, similar-to -TikTok feature of Instagram, Instagram Reels allows users to make short video clips with background music, AR effects, timer, speed settings and share 15-second reels to their stories.  On the feed of Instagram’s explore page, users can find Reels, from where they can upload them. 

Reels and Marketing – What’s the connection?

If reels are shared from any public account, Instagram makes it available to users on their Explore page, which means the users need not have to follow them to view their content. 

Just think of the visibility it can create and the marketing capabilities now!

Let’s Make Things More Clear

As countries such as India, the US, and some European countries have banned Chinese apps including apps like TikTok, Instagram Reels, a brilliant timely tactic from Facebook takes a big leap in attracting a wide spectrum of audiences, says marketing experts from top software companies in Dubai.

Be Watchful!

Apart from Instagram stories and sponsored content, Instagram has not yet given a green light to advertising options or paid content. But on the flip side, Instagram lets its users view published reels on their Explore page. 

Do you know how many users Instagram has on a daily basis? Roughly one billion active users and around 200 million daily users. Yes! you heard it right! 

So using reels for marketing isn’t a bad idea, right?

And That’s It?

No. There is more!

Read on to know some of the benefits of using Instagram Reels for branding and marketing according to the best marketing and top software companies in Dubai.

top software companies in Dubai

So what are the other benefits?

  • Are you looking for an opportunity to improve your reachability and brand?  Then Instagram Reels is for you. Create a branded content strategy and be ready to drive engagement on social media.
  • With Instagram Reels, you can publish high-quality content and use relevant filters to add richness to your video.
  • Feature your brand and reach a huger audience range by choosing appropriate and most relevant hashtags.
  • After publishing your reels, you literally don’t have to do anything to promote them. Instagram’s algorithm does the remaining part. It will promote your content to improve its reachability to drive more engagement.

So be prepared to boost your brand through creative content.


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