Running a business is not an easy thing. There are a lot of aspects that heat up the stress of running a business. Especially, if you are a newcomer in the business, you need to take some extra effort to manage these overheads. 

Undoubtedly, having the right software automates your business activities from tip to toe and keeps you free of daily business activities. Unlike traditional bookkeeping, a scheduling software Dubai keeps operations and record keeping less stressful by automating documentation processes.

As the providers of the best scheduling software Dubai, we’ve come up with the 3 essential business software for your business.  

Nova+ POS

Scheduling Software Dubai

Nova+ is a retail and restaurant point of sale software that supports multiple outlets. It is developed with the most advanced technology to improve customer experience. With Nova+ customers can enjoy faster and easier checkouts. Nova+ POS comes with a mobile and website application integration which is available as advanced and online packages. It is a fully integrated counter POS with 3-tier architecture. This POS system is simple, easy to use, and super user-friendly.  

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Depending on your business requirement, you can choose from the different variants of Nova+. It offers a basic standalone application, a standard intranet application, and an advanced cloud-based application.


Scheduling Software Dubai
When it comes to running a business that is service-oriented, scheduling is something that takes too much of your time. Not only manual scheduling takes a lot of physical space but also is prone to mistakes. Emaid is a total solution for all your business overheads.

Emaid is a complete cleaning and maintenance business automation system and scheduling software Dubai with customer booking, field staff appointment scheduling, accounting real-time tracking, payroll, report, and a lot more features. It also offers Android and iOS customer booking applications. 

Additionally, the web-based scheduling software Dubai takes care of all your appointments in real-time. Besides, this cloud-based software solution keeps the daily activities of your business well-organized. Hence, without a doubt you can switch to emaid and run your business seamlessly.

Emaid has a standard, advanced, and enterprise package.

Guest Management System

Scheduling Software Dubai
The guest management system is an IoT-based system that automates the guest management activities of commercial and residential buildings.

With an iPad-based guest entry system, your guests can request approval to enter a property and the tenant can accept or reject the entry from anywhere in the world. The greatest benefit is that the automated door opener opens only when the tenant approves the entry request from the guest.

This way you can track your visitors from anywhere. Moreover, you can save money by not hiring security guards.



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